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Functions of human resource management

Functions of human resources: The primary purpose of human resources departments is to provide internal customer needs.

Employees of the company - and external customers, which may include job applicants and candidates.

Although a large business organization has expand HR departments with sections of various human resources departments.

Many small businesses have generally employ HR departments with the general public. Who are qualify to handle the tasks and duties for different branches.

Major human resources department discipline includes recruitment, training, compensation and employee relations. The functions of human resources consist of:


Planning, withdrawal, and sources of choice are three important activities in this work. That is, the main managers are responsible for managing human resource needs. By increasing the company, managers can be more influential on the human resources department. While information about the formation and skills of employees may be to collect information.

Despite the withdrawal of labor by the Human Resources Department. Other departments have been involve in giving a description of job specification to help in the withdrawal process.

In the selection process, the human resources department filters the interviews, tests, and applicants background checks.

The responsibility of the Human Employment Department increases with equal employment opportunities and various conditions for the procurement of these human power, with the presence of law on the company.

Performance Evaluation

Human Resources Performance Evaluation is the responsibility of Human Resources and Managers Division. Administrators bear primary responsibility for assessing their subordinates.

The Human Resources Department is responsible for developing performance evaluation forms. It also ensures that performance evaluations by the entire company are evaluate. The human resources department needs to train its managers. How to create standards of good managers and how to evaluate accurate performance.


Better integration between managers and human resources ministries should be necessary in relation to compensation. The manager may be responsible for raising and processing wages. When the Human Resource Department is responsible for developing better wage structure.

A balance system is necessary for the compensation system to pay employees and pay the benefits. Payments include salary, bonuses, incentives and profits provide by the employee. Benefits of health insurance, life insurance, leave, etc. The human resources department is responsible for ensuring that the compensation is provide, according to applicable law, it is competitive between its kind, fair, firms and provides motivation.

Training and Development

The human resources department is responsible for helping managers and coaches in the coaches. As well as their supervisors, they also focus on effective development for both training, training programs and new employees as well as skill development.

Job training programs and development, according to estimates, the company will require training programs and individual development. As well as evaluating the training program and the effectiveness of the development. Responsibility of the Human Resources Department also considers the issue of terminating the operational relation of liability in this case. It helps in the restructuring of the company and provides a solution to the conflict in the company.

Employee Relations

In a state-own company, human resources departments play a proactive role in negotiating and dealing with consensus-relate issues. As well as the struggle of companies against each other, the responsibility of the Human Resources Department is. After agreeing to the agreement, the Human Resources Department helps managers to take care of approval and avoid further complaints. The primary responsibility for the fossils of human resources should be avoid by healthy methods.

A company that does not have labor unions, it is necessary to stop employee relations in human resources department. Generally, if employees are not joining the organizations, their salaries are adequate. They should be repaid. They believe that the company is responsible for their needs. There is a need to confirm this case in human resources department. Whether employees have treat them well and there is a good way to resolve complaints. Whether there are two organizations in each company, there is a substantial need to resolve complaints in an effort to improve discipline and to solve the problem and to protect the workforce.


Each company forces the security program to be use to reduce unwanted events and create a healthy condition. Labor's always need to be remind about the importance of safety safety programs. Which can reduce the number of accidents and generally improve the health of the employees. The primary responsibility of the Human Resources Department is to report on the safety of safety, identify and improve the conditions of compromise on work pressure, and report the existence of a work accident.

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