Sunday, 4 November 2018

Soft skills are a great opportunity for employees

Soft competences a great opportunity for employees although the logistics industry appears to be the most effective and efficient, and the overriding objective is to achieve the goals already set by the existing skills, it turns out That no less attention is given to the heads of the companies who return to our way of being and therefore to the so-called soft skills.


Soft skills, unlike hard, have nothing to do with our education. In order to become a lawyer, doctor or journalist, we need to start education in a particular field, after which exams are complete and pass, we receive a document confirming the acquisition of knowledge of the industry-these are Hard skills that can be confirm by the document.

Interestingly, soft skills do not have to be less value in the labor market than hard competences, on the contrary! Almost half the population in our labor market has a university degree, which is not a healthy situation at first glance, because having two people with the same education will always earn more, the other will earn more, one will manage the team, another carry out tasks assign by the superior. Our skills in a professional career will be increasingly determine by soft skills.

Soft skills are a series of competences, most often innate, which define us in the most accurate way. It may include responsibility, regularity, diligence, punctuality, persistence, diligence, sales, empathy, ingenuity, communicative, adaptability, discipline, creativity, emotional intelligence, flexibility, resistance to stress. And or the ability to motivate yourself.

Okay, but why are soft skills so important?

They allow you to improve your skills, communicate better with the environment. Even and respond faster to changing situations, which in today's rapidly changing world is very Relevant.

In recent weeks I had the opportunity to pursue several projects in cooperation. Even With logistic companies and by taking the opportunity. I ask their board members whether it really is that with the choice of candidates with the same Importance is also attach to the soft competences?.

It turns out that this is the case! Interestingly. I met with the answer that often this is the soft competences are place at the first place of the candidate. The answer was simple-the hard competence can be learn at any time. While the soft skills are closely related to a particular person. So you need to appreciate people with unprecedented Personality!

Actually, this last sentence fits not only to the professional sphere. But also to our everyday life  in a special way, we value people for their personality and way of being.

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