Friday 30 November 2018

How to determine the Progress of the Company?

As a business owner, you certainly do not want your business to be so-so, without a significant increase, do you? While healthy or not your business, depending on the smooth set of projects in it. That's why all organizations or companies are very concerned about the completion of a good project to achieve corporate goals.


After previously SHIFT discusses the importance of " kick-off meeting " for a new project , it's good we now have a glimpse of the importance of project management for continuous improvement in your business.

Project Project Stages are run, monitored and monitored by the project manager, who is in charge of ensuring that everything is running according to the deadline.

Project can usually be divide into five main steps:

  1. The first step is the initiation and evaluation of the project . Project evaluation is completes by analyzing costs and benefits and deciding whether the project should proceed or not.

  2. The second step is call the planning stage, which consists of goal setting and team building project .

  3. The third step in a project is the launch / launching . During this phase team members are assign their respective duties.

  4. The fourth step is the monitoring stage, involving project managers who oversee the work being complete.

  5. The fifth stage is the completion of the project , which marks the cessation of the project and evaluates the extent to which its objectives are to be achieve.

Project Manager The strength and quality of project managers is critical to the overall success of the project . Therefore, it is important that project managers are effective communicators. It can communicate to project members what is expect to be constructive and encouraging to them.

Company Values

Effective project managers usually have extensive knowledge of the scope of the project and how it relates to the overall objectives and values ​​of the company. There is a valuable set of tools and techniques for project managers to use with their team members.

Brainstorming is a creative tool designed to encourage team members to share ideas with other team members. Another tool is the Critical Path Analysis technique , which aims to create the flow chart and timeline project.

In managing the project , you need to keep track of the problems found during the project and the progress it has made. You can create a simple "30 Day List" which can be use to record and verify the activity performed and who is assigned, as it progresses.

Evaluation and Review

In addition, the components in this technique are the Program / Project Evaluation and Review Technique (PERT) or abbreviate PERT. Both of these tools are helpful in creating visual representations for tasks that need to be completed in order to complete the project.

Project is an important aspect of any business operation or organization. Regardless of the product or service provided by the company, it can benefit from the project delegation . The role of project manager requires extensive knowledge of each project stage and the use of appropriate tools and techniques. The project manager is an essential part of the successful completion of the project . The better a person is in managing the project , the more successful your project will be in a sustainable way.

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