Friday 30 November 2018

Key Issues in Planning and Controlling Change

Kaizen Principle is a continuous or continual development and refinement within the company. One of the things that support the company's improvement is change. As the company begins to stagnate, negative changes begin to enter. This is where a positive change should be made.

Companies need to understand two things, namely internal change; includes things that are controlled and guided by the company, as well as external changes or factors that control the company from the outside. In making a perfect change, of course we not only do it on one of them, but must both, both external and internal changes.

Before embarking on the first step in change it is important to shape the mindset of every individual in the company that change is not a negative thing to be faced, but it is a positive thing to be encouraged. When your company decides to make changes and apply them to the interests of the company, that positive mindset will help improve and grow your company. Although it is possible that not all changes will be successful at once.

Planning Change: Involve All Members

Ask yourself, is it possible that employees do not like changes implemented in the company? Very likely. Therefore, a good change is a change that is planned by all members of the organization.

That is, they are not just getting ready or waiting for what happens when change comes, or just preparing to react to change. But they are preparing for the change itself. This is a proactive approach to the reality of change, and this will ensure only changes that are meant to benefit the company.

The planned changes also tend to cause problems within the company. Even for people who do not like change at all, it is much better if there are planned changes than the unexpected. It is important to include individuals from across the workplace for ideas of change within the company. This will help ensure everyone is not only ready for change, but participates in the implementation.

Controlling Change

Another big thing about companies that embrace the fact that they have to be a driver of change is that they can control it. Controlling change can be useful in many ways. Implementation of change can be encouraged at the right time. Further training can be provided.

Companies can schedule changes at the ideal time. It's better done than just waiting for it to happen. Many companies, for example, have a certain time in a year where business is slower. Scheduling major changes to be made during these times will be much easier. Than trying to deal with them at the busiest time of the year.

Controlling change, as far as possible, is an essential part of successful business. This allows people to plan and prepare for change. So when that happens, they are ready to face it and move forward with confidence.

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