Friday 30 November 2018

Importance Of A Project Kick-off Meeting

Because of the importance of a kick-off meeting of a project, many companies have a small meeting just to schedule the kick-off meeting. Sounds silly indeed. What makes a kick-off meeting so important?

Large and important projects require detailed guidance. Kick-off meeting is the first meeting of a newly accepted project, where everyone equates their perceptions, and ensures that everyone understands each other's roles. Communication is key in a kick-off meeting. Because this is where you will:

  • Set the "Rhythm"

    With a kick-off meeting, you as a project manager can direct the meeting and what information is shared and what tasks are made. Clear agenda should include project objectives, discussion of deliverable and targets, benchmarks and success factors for the project, along with direction on communication plans and overall project plans. You should provide the meeting agenda to the participants before the kick-off meeting to allow team members to familiarize themselves with how the meeting will be structured.

  • Pioneered the Six Sigma Teaching

    A successful project has a clear leader, and at the start of a kick-off meeting, you must show yourself as a leader, greet the team and start an introduction so everyone knows who is all there is in the team.

  • Leading the Project Well

    As a project manager, you guide everyone, talk about each item before you start, a discussion of project assumptions and how to develop a project plan. Explain in detail the reasons behind the plan, but be sure to tell your team that you are open to suggestions and ideas during the project.

    Take the time to handle every task in the project plan with the obvious detail. Project plan must be in accordance with the schedule. Discuss also with your team about potential problems that may arise as the project progresses that may affect the schedule.

  • Establish Parameters and Expectations

    Because successful projects depend on communication, take a minute to get the group to decide on the best time to hold regular meetings to update progress. Talk with your team about the importance of participation in future meetings.

  • Opening Forums for Discussions

    Projects typically incorporate multiple communication channels from weekly status meetings. Project plan updates, planning sessions to discuss and assign tasks and management updates. Take the time to discuss each communication channel that will start and emphasize to each team members their importance.

Kick-off meetings are the first and best opportunity to set success throughout the project. Demonstrate your leadership skills, set parameters for organizational management, communication and time. Even and start empowering your team. Take advantage of the opportunity, create it yourself and show that you are the right person. Who can drive this project to completion.

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