Tuesday 9 October 2018

The principle of QFD (Quality Function Deployment)

Principle of QFD is truly Quality Function Deployment uses some of the principles of convergent engineering, in which cross-functional teams may be involve in all stages of product development. The four phases of its process use the matrix to translate customer requirements into the initial planning phase by product control.

Specifically, each phase, or matrix, represents a more specific aspect of production needs. Relationship between the elements in each stage is evaluate. Only the most important aspects of each stage are deposit in the next matrix. The four phases are as follows:

Product Plan (Principle of QFD #1)

Marketing Department, Phase 1, or manage by product planning, also called the House of Quality. Many organizations are getting only this phase of the QFD process. As well as in the first phase, the documents may include customer requirements, warranty data, competitive opportunities, product measurements, competitive production measures and the technical ability of the organization to meet each customer's requirement. Getting good data from the customer in the first stage is important for the success of the entire QFD process.

Product Design (Principle of QFD #2)

The second phase is manage by the engineering department. Product design that may require creativity and the latest team ideas. Production phases are made during this phase, as well as part specifications are document. After meeting the needs of the customer needs to be the most important, then the process is deploy in planning or third phase.

Process planning (Principle of QFD #3)

Process planning is next and production can done by manufacturing engineering. During processing planning, production processes are document flow-chart and process parameters (or target values).

Process control(Principle of QFD #4)

Finally, demonstration indicators are made to monitor the production training, manufacturing processes, maintenance schedules and skill training for operators. In addition to this, decision to take decisions base on the most risks. Even and restrictions arising to prevent failures in this stage can possible to take. The quality assurance section in the section with production confirmation leads to the fourth phase.

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