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What is intelligence of processes

The intelligence of processes (IP) is the ability to understand the business processes and how to use them effectively. The intelligence of processes (IP) is the ability to understand the business processes and how to use them effectively.

intelligence of processes
If you have IP, can use their business processes to improve the quality of products and services, productivity and profitability because, thanks to her, the process of business information is more accessible and understandable and can be applied directly the activities of your company.





The intelligence of processes is one of the cornerstones of excellence in business processes (BPE: Business Process Excellence), which promotes the use of their methods of management, information systems and technology infrastructure investments.

It will improve operational performance at all levels and will execute more precisely its strategic aims. In summary, intelligence processes help you adjust and apply their processes to obtain an irresistible business advantage.


The intelligence of processes (IP) helps anyone who is involved in a process, to take better informed decisions, whether they are engineers, directors, operations or technical staff on a daily basis. The IP has technologies that use intelligent software to improve and streamline the reasoning about data processing.

IP software uses sophisticated tools for tasks related to the acquisition of knowledge, analysis of data, control systems and process optimization. IP tools collected process data, provide interpretations and distribute the results or historical, real-time, enterprise-wide, even to its suppliers and customers.

Business Intelligence

The intelligence of processes is made possible by technologies and methods that represent the culmination of the evolution of tools such as the business intelligence (BI: Business Intelligence), activities monitoring technologies of business (BAM) Business Activity Monitoring) and discovery processes, combined with analytical such as Six Sigma, and thanks methods in addition to business process management solutions (BPM: Business Process Management). IP solutions, technologies are tightly integrated, are distributed quickly and are easy to use, in order to generate significant improvements in the functioning of your business.

With process intelligence, you can:

  • Discover savings opportunities, to see precisely where is they produce losses or wasteful spending in your business.

  • Know immediately when a process, activity or transaction of the business suffers a delay or has caused an error.

  • Detect weak points and exposed areas in any part of a process or activity

  • Understand the connections between a high-level strategy and operational activities

  • See how work flows between you, your customers and suppliers

As the intelligence of processes is so powerful, it can apply to any process or business function. People use the intelligence of processes for all order processing, management of services, banking, sales, insurance, health care, energy and logistics, among many other examples. In a world of processes, all are seeking intelligence processes.


Revenues, profits and turnover by customer are some of the visible results of most of the activities and intermediate events that are part of the business. Figure 1 describes this image. Below the surface of your business, there are countless latent influences affecting these results. Multiple operational activities and business processes that are active in a company, what is the connection between this small group of lagging financial indicators and numerous and outstanding indicators oriented processes? When it has the ability to understand these connections, interpret the leading indicators and immediately take appropriate and concrete measures to improve results, then you have intelligence processes.

All corporate director search process intelligence to interpret effectively the key performance indicators (KPI: Key Performance Indicator) in the context of their own business processes. You want efficient processes and operational performance to ensure transparency at all times. If the KPI is not where needed, you'll want to identify and resolve anomalies immediately.


Nobody wants to wait at the end of the quarter, at the end of the day, or even ten minutes more, to know if the factors that depend on its objectives or do not delay. With intelligence processes, can be checked constantly, how are running all parts of your company. Replace the management of the crisis by an intelligence that allows you to fix the problems that are more serious.

Tools of the past, as it is the traditional software business intelligence or BI, are too complex and slow. They do not allow to directly see the connection between KPIS and complete processes that activate these indicators, nor take immediate steps to improve their business results and processes.

For all those who may be interested in the subject today in this corner. I recommend this book entitled process intelligence for Dummies. A book highly recommended by be drafted in a very pleasant way to facilitate the best understanding of the reader.

I don't know the reasons, but seems to be. That this book should be given public domain that can be downloaded in pdf format from many different websites. In this regard, I would like to make it clear that, with this comment, do not support illegal piracy of this or any other book.

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