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Motivate employees - ways to motivate employees

motivate employees


The Factors That Motivate The Employees Work Influence

Among others are the rewards received, where the rewards are earned, is higher than the total number of received other people inside and outside the company, is the motivation most bail but when admissions plunged, then money rewards It can undermine the motivation.

Fulfillment needs then the rewards can be used to motivate someone, but for each level needs require a different form of reward.

Levels of human needs can be divided into several levels, namely: at the first level of human needs is the need of food and clothing, and the higher level is the need for security and health/safety is the next the need to be accepted in social intercourse.

The need for appreciation and prestige, and finally the need for statements or self-fulfillment. In addition to the factors mentioned above there are a few more who can motivate employees, among others, are environmental factors, production facilities also attention on employees.

The motivation of a worker who is a complicated case involving several factors namely the individual nature of the Organization, including the following:

A. Individual Factors, namely:
  • Needs (needs)
  • Goals (goals)
  • Attitudes (attitudes)
  • Capabilities (Abilities)
B. Organizational Factors, namely:
  • Payments/salaries (pays)
  • Security jobs (job security)
  • A fellow worker (co worker)
  • Praise itself (on-the-job it self)

The factors above is simply a tendency in the sense of these factors is not a factor that is absolutely for a company unless there is some factor that also holds the role that may lead to the decline of motivation the work of employees.

The method of doing the motivation

Convincing Method

This method aims to change attitudes and employee behavior so that the founding act in accordance with the objectives of the company. This can be done when the employees that he will earn a decent Prize for achievement that has been achieved. When he received the award, so their progress can be increased.

Driving Method

The presence of incentives will encourage employees to do their job carefully. These methods are distinguished: the method of positive incentives and the method of negative incentives.

c. methods of Retaliation and retribution Punishment given to companies for employees who perform can be given in the form of financial compensation, whereas when it is detrimental to the company will be subject to a fine.

Method of sanctions

Sanctions often and must be given to employees of the company that is in accordance with the job description is not executed in accordance with the job, the employee is subject to a sanction or no responsibility.

Development of the function (the function of development), is concerned about the increase and the speed of the existing workforce through training that is required as a good workforce. This function needs to be explained because of the demands of the development of modern technology, also influenced the increase of the situation facing the management and require additional needs.
Awarding compensation function (compensation function) function this function is granting enough retribution on a decent and fair personnel, as a contribution towards the development of human resources.

Function integration (integration). This functions concerns a good way to organize a combination or blend of matching between shared interests, individuals, therefore these functions pertaining to leadership, communication, motivation. labor relation and so on.

Function of the maintenance (maintenance function). These functions are associated with efforts to maintain and improve the conditions of the fourth built through operative functions. When a firm is in need of new labor, then, of course, tried to attract or look for people that are considered to be implementing it on the task, then it is not quantitative aspect with detached about minimum requirements that must be met or labor employees could work well.

How to know the people who are supposed to be how it needs to be sought to carry out the work that will be filled with analysis of the first meaning could be given an overview of work or procurement held job analysis.

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