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What is Productivity? definition, Quotes, Formula & Improvement


A productivity is a measure that States some efficient resources are shared within the Organization to obtain a set of results. It is makes a balance among all the factors that will give a lot of output through more efficient expenditure.

Term productivity has a different meaning for everyone. For example means: more results by maintaining a fixed cost, working on everything correctly, work more ingenious and more loud, operates automatically to get faster results and more and so on .

The term productivity of different to production although it is considered by some people. The production is an activity that is associated with the output and is generally expressed as the volume of production, whereas productivity with regard to efficiency of resource use in producing goods or services, or in other words productivity is a comparison between output and input.


Here's some understanding or definition of work productivity, factors affecting the productivity of work, and also the measurement of productivity of work. Productivity means the ability of producing something. Whereas the activities of work means doing something that is done. Work productivity is the ability to produce a work that is more than the regular size that have been common.

Productivity is the physical output per unit of production to the level of effectiveness of the management of the industry in the use of production facilities, as well as the effectiveness of the use of Labor and equipment.

Productivity is something that is acquired through a specific activity of something inserted.

Understanding productivity basically includes mental attitude has always had the view that life in a day is better than yesterday and tomorrow better than either of these days. Technically it is a productivity comparison between results achieved (out put) with the overall resources needed (in a put). Productivity contains sense comparison between results achieved.

Best Quotes

A Productivity is a concept that describes the relationship between the results (the amount of goods and services produced) with the source (the amount of labor, capital, land, energy, and etc.) to produce those results.

Productivity is the relationship between inputs and output-the output of a productive system. In theory, it is often easy to quantify this relationship as the ratio of output to input shared. If more output is produced with the same amount of inputs, productivity goes up. Similarly, if fewer inputs are used for a number of similar output, productivity also rises.

The Productivity is a concept that denotes the existence of a link between the work of the unit with the time it takes to produce a workforce.

A Productivity as a result of the relationship between the real and physical (goods or services) with the actual input.

The Productivity is the ratio between the output with one of the factors of production, namely, capital investment, or raw materials.

From the sense of the above it can be concluded that work productivity is the ability of employees in production compared to the input used, an employee can be said to be productive if capable of producing goods or services in accordance with the expected in a short time or right.


Note that in a country or institution's efforts on the level of productivity is getting very serious attention. Because the productivity numbers formation determines the index joined the growth nationwide. Increased productivity as a whole will show the potential for procurement of goods and services in larger quantities.

Levels of productivity can be affected by several factors, among others, education and skills, motivation, level of income, the environment and climate work. technology, management and others.

The effort gained increased productivity then the level of education has a very important role, because the higher the educational level and skills of a person will be very helpful in increasing productivity.

A Way to improve productivity.


One effort to increase productivity is to provide the motivation (a boost). Motivation is the process to try to influence someone to do something that we want. The giving motivations and principles that need to be observed: expected value and strength to get that value.

The Level Of Income

Increased productivity can also be implemented by means of giving intensive i.e. in accordance with government regulations are addressed to employees who perform or given a task to, so that the results achieved can satisfy.

There are some basic properties that need to be taken care of so that the incentive wage system can work namely:

  • Payment Should be carried out in order to be simple to understand and calculated by the employees themselves.
  • The received Income should immediately raise output and efficiency.
  • Payments are made as soon as possible.
  • The working Standards should be implemented cautiously, never too high, never too low.
  • The magnitude of the normal wage by the first standard of work, should be quite stimulating employees to work more actively.

Environment and climate work

Improvement on the working environment are not always able to provide encouragement to employees to improve productivity. This is because of two conditions that must be observed so that the State of the environment can improve the work achievement. The results of the work can be very rewarding in a bad state when the desire of employees to work is very strong.

Otherwise in excellent condition will result in something that's very disappointing if not passionate employees to Excel.

The increase in the development of technology, any business entity can improve the ability of the workforce, where this is done with retraining those who want more advanced. The construction of this kind would ensure changes to employee advancement efforts.

Although the development of technology can be helpful in improving productivity, however it should be noted that with increasing technology then the need for manpower reduced so it will be a big problem, because it will raises unemployment, though with the rise of technology, the development of business development can be done. Look at this time very helpful technology increased productivity.


The role of management in improving productivity. This can be carried out when someone appreciates the leadership achievement, not just accomplishment that can be calculated, but also achievements in the cooperation and hard work. Also in this case, a Chairman can work together with the employees and can provide guidance to his subordinates.

Productivity Formula

Based on the definition of the so-called definition-above, here is a simple formula of Productivity that is revealed by the comparison of the ratio between the Output against Input.

Productivity = Output/Input

Examples of cases the calculation of Productivity

A company using the 2000kg Steel materials to produce the finished product as much as 1450 kg in the first month. In the second month, the company consumes the same amount of raw material that is 2000kg but a finished product that can be remembered for a lot more of that is as much as 1850kg. Calculate Productivity month first and second months of the company.

First Month:

Productivity = Output/Input
Productivity = 1450/2000

Productivity = 0.73 or 73%

Second month

Productivity = Output/Input
Productivity = 1850/2000

Productivity = 0.93 or 93%

From simple examples about the productivity calculations, we can see that the productivity of the company was increased from 73% to 93%. Using the same resources (inputs) to produce a number of products so that more (OUTPUT).


Everyone would want productive in utilizing the time. Because basically the time it is something very important that can be utilized for a variety of things. Thus time management must be done well. Productivity time owned it must be preserved, in order to improve the quality of life. The productivity is a measure which is determined to find out how good the quality of the resource that is owned, as well as utilized in order to obtain optimal results. Usually the term productivity is used in industrial production or imposed on employees and employees who work in a company. It is used to compare the input and output of the existing resources. This productivity in daily activities must be considered as well.

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