Monday, 14 May 2018

Qualities of a Lean Leader

Qualities of a Lean Leader:  this time came from Dan Ariens, CEO of outdoor equipment manufacturing company Ariens Co. "Lean leadership is about learning, development, and sustainability," he said.

Is your company really important? Will your customers lose if the company goes out of business?

The majority answer may be "no". Therefore, according to Ariens, the company must maintain high performance and provide value to customers in unique ways. Uniqueness and performance will leave you irreplaceable.

According to Dan Ariens, his company created the uniqueness by running lean. However, Lean Ariens travel is not about manufacturing. "When we started Lean's journey, the trip was not done on the manufacturing line," he said. "We're on business."

Travel Lean Ariens is not limited to shop floor operations . "It's important to form leaders at every level to achieve sustainability," he continued. Especially for leadership issues, Ariens has some tips:

Lean Six Sigma Tips: 7 Qualities Must Have Lean Leaders

  1. Be a servant leader

    Servant leadership is about being a coach as well as a player. If you are the CEO, you must really understand how it feels to walk wearing other people's shoes. That's servant leadership. "

  1. Change tirelessly

    "The journey is endless, and we must continue to study endlessly," said the CEO. Ariens has a separate story to illustrate this point. In 2004, the company has been running Lean for several years and experiencing a "golden age", with significant improvements made over the last 3 years.

    But apparently the CEO found a behavior he did not like. Unlike Ariens in the "golden age", new employees do not have enough sense of urgency, and some leaders begin to deviate from team-oriented approaches.

    Finally, Ariens changed the team's format in 2004 to perform the function better and reflect the company's value and remain committed to Lean. Those days he referred to as a "lively lesson" during his travels in Lean.

  1. Discipline in chaos

    Discipline in chaos is the ability to recognize your goals and stay focused on the target without letting the chaos make you digress.

  1. Be a kind dictator

    Some rules to become a dictator:

    • Be honest.

    • Play fair.

    • Keep commitment.

    • Respect others.

    • Encourage the team's intellectual curiosity.

  1. Anxious fear

    Look at problems and challenges as opportunities to grow.

  1. Encourage the cultural revolution

    Ariens describes the company's core values ​​as "cement". The revolution is "what is built on it", and the "cement" allows everything to happen.

  1. Be a confident, humble leader

    "Confident humble leaders are those who believe everything will be okay," he said. "Without feeling too satisfied."

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