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Work Breakdown Structure (WBS)

What is WBS?

Work breakdown structure is a detailed list of all the features, items, functions, which are required to be distributed. The use of which is necessary for the activities done successfully to complete any project. Originally, WBS is nothing but a systematic understanding of the project and the general understanding of the project.

Work Breakdown Structure (WBS)

There may be multiple features and sub-functions under one function. It means the descending level of WBS which in turn extends the description of the minute project elements that need to be considered. WBS is also used as Feature List / Risk Issues, which lists all the features that are needed to develop risky problems and manufacturing facilities / tasks.

The pillar of Work Breakdown Structure (WBS)

Normally it depends on the complete planning of successful project management. Your project's plan can be more detailed and focused. As well as your estimates are more accurate and your project should be more manageable. Work Breakdown Structure (WBS) is part of a project management. The project which divides into smaller components. Provides the foundation for defining the function as well. Because it is related to project objectives. It grouped the project's components in a way that helps in setting up and defining the total area of ​​the project.

Product / Object

This aspect of decomposition, its output should be similar to the structure of the product breakdown structure. This approach will deal with you in general practice. Often for those projects whose results are clearly described as clear needs. The list of the resulting steps may appear as an example. Shipments list as modules list.


The timing of the project is mostly for crisp projects or projects related to IT release management. The time period of the project is composed of individual sprints or releases.

Expenses / Resources

This is common for those projects where the main external resources - both financial and working. The plan structure planned by this plane looks like three-dimensional. Work - Company 1, Company 2, Work, etc.

Levels of WBS

The biggest challenge in most projects is to do it and provide a simple description of the space of individual work tasks. Project Breakdown Structure is a tool that helps in this. More projects and more detailed work packages have been split through the use of hierarchical frameworks.

  • Level 1: WBS construction technology that displays 100% of the standard certification. At the start of the design process, the project manager has assigned 100 points in the total space of this project, which is the design and construction of custom cycles.

  • At WBS Level 2, 100 total points are divided into seven broad components. The number of points allocated to each is a decision based on related efforts; Those periods are not estimated. The three largest elements of WBS Level 2 are further divided into Level 3, and further. Largest terminal components

  • Only 17% represent the total space of work on level 3. These larger elements can be further divided using progressive expansion techniques described above.

Important rules which observe creating Work Breakdown Structure:

  • It is very important to include all aspects of the work, to describe them completely and to put them on the correct level of the graph. If you are leaving something maybe not, you will not be able to estimate specific time frames, all the essential resources or budgets. That's why the structure of breaking down of the large group (not every half of every five head) is worth.

  • Develop a way to encode into WBs. If you mark step, you always know that the branch and the level of it so that you can easily find and update it. Use encoding especially if your WBS stops on the wall. Sticky notes look like peel, sometimes it pulls to add something and then forgets where it stops. Encoding will protect you from anonymity.

  • Describe the task in the form of. This simple psychological trick works beneficially on the motivation of the team.

Developing a detailed level at WBS can always be challenging. As well as understanding that every WBS foot should be stopped at the level where the small size management component is based on the nature of the work. It is necessary to deliver multiple products during the development phase. It is extremely important to understand the creation of WBS or as well as on previous WBS contents. Some components are not quite detailed. And on the other hand there is a detailed element which is not measurable, unnecessary and consequently the costs are inappropriate.

Example of  Work Breakdown Structure (WBS)

Work Breakdown Structure (WBS)

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