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Concept of Human Resource Management

Concept of Human Resource Management

According to an expert with other experts, the term human resources management is very diverse. Experts can conclude from the view that human resources management is to use the activities, planning, direction, and supervision of all elements, human power or power, which meet the requirements for achieving the goal.

Basic concept of human resources entails:

  • Total knowledge

  • Skills

  • Creative abilities

  • Talents

  • Aptitudes of an organisation’s workforce

  • Values

  • Attitudes

  • Belief of the individuals involved

There is always a problem from time to time in any event or activity organization - problem. Troubleshooting - Problems arising are many approaches according to the convenience of the time. There are three approaches to keeping in mind the human resources issue:

(1) mechanical approach

(2) Patterns, and

(3) Social System Approach

In practice, human resources management functions include:

Many great scholars had defined human resource management in different ways and with different words, but the core meaning of the human resource management deals with how to manage people or employees in the organization.

Employees' Plan

Try to calculate the number of employees and kind of employees to meet the essential needs of achieving this organization's objectives. This work starts the job analysis, recruitment, approach for job placement.

Employees Development

A condition that indicates a growing presence - to improve the quality of employees so as to reduce the dependence of organizations to attract new employees.

Evaluation of work achievements

It is one of the important aspects of human resources management. With evaluation function achievements, then it can know the employees. Who have good operational achievements or less. This will have an effect on compensation.


This includes employees' commitment activity in returning operations. The activities here include the decision of the compensation system. Who is able to promote employees' accomplishments. And also determine the intensity of the compensation received by each worker.

Labor Maintenance There are expectations of implementation of economic and non-economic aspects. The organization will provide peace and full concentration of workers to work in expected achievements.

Economic aspects associated with paying in the form of pay and bonus form, which can be compared to the results of its work. Elements of non-economic form of health, welfare and security, as well as the guarantee of rest in work.

The purpose of the Human resource management is to make the job and deal with the job holder (employee). So as to perform a job in an organization, one needs to be identified. Therefore, human resource management is an art of managing and mobilizing people in the organization. It is done through the application of different practices and policies which ultimately values human resources as a major asset of an organization. It integrates personnel function into strategic management.

Concept of Human Resource Management

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