Saturday, 4 November 2017

SWOT Analysis

SWOT analysis is a tool for internal business analysis and its surroundings in order to optimize the management strategy, the company or build a new strategic plan. The subject of the analysis can be both an organization, project or investment, and any event from the scope of the company's business. The main objective of the analysis is to determine the current position of the test item and its prospects, and along with that the best strategy for dealing.

The name comes from the words of the first letter of the SWOT factors classification capabilities of the company:

  1. Strengths (the strengths of organizations that properly used will be conducive to
    its development, and at the present time, positively outstanding organization in the environment;
    are the advantage in relation to the competition)

  2. Weaknesses (poor organization, which does not eliminate
    or reduce the strength of their impact will inhibit the development of the organization; can be: be insufficient qualifications, responsibilities,
    poor work organization or the lack of other resources)

  3. Opportunities (chance-conditions, which, with the skillful use of can positively affect the development of the company)

  4. Threats (risk-factors not currently crippling the functioning of the Organization, but that may be a threat in the future for business efficiency)

A very important part of the analysis is the fact that the first two quarters analysis apply to internal factors of the organization while the other two relate to its surroundings.

SWOT analysis

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