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Gantt chart in product scheduling

Gantt chart in product scheduling

A Gantt chart is usually an effective tool used in project management. It's the most popular and useful way of displaying processes and activities that display in front of that time. The list of activities on the left side of the chart and the right time scale at the top should be. Every activity should be done by a bar. As well as the position and length of the bars, the start date, duration and expiry date of the activity should be reflecting.

This project is a series of activities attach. Actually the Work Breakdown Structure (WBS) specifies what actions need to be done to reach the goal. However, this is not a good tool to determine the order of implementation of individual activities. Also resources are not usually parallel to all activities include in the work breakdown structure. Therefore, before the allocation of works among the members of the project team, the structure of the labor department should be convert into the schedule. Which will take into account the existence of the relationship between these tasks.

The task can be relative to other tasks:

Independent – you can perform them independently of each other, in parallel

Preceding -its implementation is dependent on another task

The following is a task that can be performed only after the completion of another (preceding) the tasks

To prepare a schedule to take into account relationships apply one of three methods: PERT, critical path Method (CPM) or Gantt chart.

Gantt Chart

The American Bethlehem Steel Factory was invented by Henry Gantt in the last decade of the 19th century. It has a horizontal rectangle; Whose width is responsible for the duration of the activity.

Gantt Chart is a tool design to control the execution of a task. During this project, the binding rectangle is also another rectangle for the planned period of the inserts, which shows the actual duration of this activity. If both rectangles are correct disply it will be easier to take action in time limit. If, below, the rectangle becomes huge beneath, the design is delay.

Here's how to draw a Gantt chart:

  1. Check out all the steps that must be perform, preferably using a work breakdown structure (WBS).

  2. Give each operation duration.

  3. If any action is as follows, with the number of steps.

  4. Enter the actual start date of the first steps.

  5. Calculate the actual end date for the first steps.

  6. If the resources and relationships between actions (following/preceding) you allow, you can parallel with the first thing to start another.

  7. Enter the steps to schedule – you need to keep in mind the order of the steps preceding/following, and the appropriate use of resources.

Example, too small resources

If the team has only one computer, you will not be able to do it on the website and mobile app, even if they are independent of each other. First of all, make an original version of the product (a minimum value product), then the second one.

An example of the relationship between the activities

You cannot do this if you do not actually do this test page. It's very important to have pages ready for tests. Therefore, hand tests are normal, and should be prepare prior to site activity.

  • Jobs that are on the critical path is fill out with a color or shade.

  • Tasks that are not on the critical path is left empty.

  • Summary of steps selects a square or line over a wide-tooth comb.

  • Control points (or: Milestones-Mile Stones) selects a square rotate 45 degrees. They are insert at the end of the relevant stages, for example. the first level of the work breakdown structure.

Gantt chart can be prepare in different ways. By using specialize software (e.g. MS Project), but also in the spreadsheet. Therefore, to create a Gantt chart, you can use a regular sheet of paper. Very convenient is the use of cards.

Gantt chart in Excel

  • List all activities in the plan

  • Create a Table that shows Project Tasks. Before creating the chart list each task in your project with start date and approximate ending date. Remember you need to arrange the task as "First Task in the Project Comes First". Otherwise your Gantt Chart will become complex to understand.

  • Charts >> Insert Bar Charts >> 2D Charts >> Stack Bar from the top menu.

  • and Click on Design >> Select Data from Data group.

  • After clicking on it, you will see a dialog box name

  • Head over the graph paper with the working days or weeks

  • Plot the works paper

  • Schedule activities

  • Presenting Analysis

Load the Excel sheet below and fill up the related columns in activities and dates. Excel will plot the Gantt chart for you.

Gantt chart excel template

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