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Principles of Job Evaluation

Job Evaluation
Job evaluation is the systematic process for assessing the relative worth of jobs within an organization. It is the technique of analysis and assessment of jobs to determine their relative value within the firm. So that a fair wage and salary structure can be establish for various jobs. The main objective of job-evaluation is to have external and internal consistency in wages structures.

Below are some theories that need to be analyze among other people in place of the :

  1. Position analysis provides relevant facts related to work and office. Important facts will be use on the results of the analysis.

  2. Position analysis must be able to provide the necessary facts for various purposes.

  3. Status analysis should be review frequently and when need to correct it. In a large organization or enterprise, the office or its work is not enduring and both changes related to the process, materials, production processes, methods, tools or other aspects are frequent. It can also be said that position analysis is a program that is continuously in a larger organization.

  4. Position analysis is important that it should be able to demonstrate the most important elements of the office from the ones that are important in insecurity.

  5. Position analysis must be able to provide a complete and reliable information schedule. To determine and achieve data, then the job analyst services are essential.

Evaluation is a process, namely the process of determining how far up the skills that can be attain by the students in the teaching and learning process. The expect capabilities of the previously set by operational. Next also set the benchmark measurements to be obtain the appraisal (value judgement).

List of Principles of Job Evaluation

It was necessary in the evaluation of the principles as a guide in the implementation of the evaluation can be more effective. The principles include:

The certainty and clarity

In the process the evaluation then the certainty and clarity that will be evaluate first debut. The evaluation will be carryout when the purpose of the evaluation was not formulating clearly in the operational definition. If we want to evaluate the advancement of student learning, then we first identify and define our instructional goals of teaching and then we develop his tools. Thus the effectiveness of the tools of evaluation depends on a clear description of what we will evaluate.

In general, the evaluation tool in education teaching primarily in the form of test. This test reflects the characteristics of the aspects that will be  measure. If we will evaluate the student's level of intelligence, then the components of the intelligentsia were to be formulate clearly and learning ability are reaches appropriately formulate further develop test as a means of evaluation. Thus the success of evaluation more determine to guru’s ability in formulating/defining clearly the individual aspects into the process of education.

Engineering evaluation

evaluation techniques are chosen in accordance with the objectives of the evaluation. Should keep in mind that there is no evaluation technique that is suitable for all need in education.

To each destination (education) that you want to achieve develop evaluation which fit in with the to go. Match between evaluation purposes and techniques use as needs to be use as a primary consideration.


Comprehensive Evaluation requires techniques vary. Not a single evaluation is a technique that is able to measure the level of ability of the students in the study, though only in one meeting student hours. Because in fact every evaluation technique has to restricts to its own limitations. The objective test for example would give objective evidence men about the skill level of the students. But just give a little information from students about whether he really understands about the material. but, is it able to develop think about it, whether it will be able to change/expand his in the face of a real situation and so on. More on the subjective test of assessment more depending on subjectivity  evaluate.

On the basis of this principle should in the learning process-me teach, to measure student learning ability evaluation techniques use vary. Bob Houston an expert evaluation in the United States (Texas) recommend that to get the results more objective in the evaluation I, then the variation techniques not only develop in the form of measurement quantity only. The evaluation must be base also qualitative data obtain from observations of student teachers, principals, diary entry and so on.

Awareness of the existence of errors of measurement.

Evaluates should be aware of its limitations and weaknesses in the evaluation of tech use. On the basis of this realization, then require to more carefully in the policies taken after carrying out the evaluation. Evaluates are aware that in the measurement only measures implement, sample of a complexity that is suppose to be measure, the measurement is perform only after all at any given moment only.

Then it can happen one aspect which is the prominent own students not include in sample measurement. This is call the sampling error in the evaluation.

The source of the error (error) the other is situate on the be bullied tool/instrument in the evaluation process. Preparation of evaluation tool is not easy, more when measure to its complex aspects. In scoring as quantitative data that are expect to reflect objectivity, did not escape the "error of measurement". Test objective did not escape from guessing, main guess, chancy, moderate essay assessor subjectivity enters in it. Because of that in the report the results of the evaluation, evaluates need to report an error in this measurement. Measurement with test, measurement errors may be indicate by a coefficient errors of measurement.

Evaluation is a tool, not a goal.

Evaluates fully aware that each evaluation techniques use in accordance with the objectives of the evaluation. Therefore, needs to be formulate morel evaluation purposes. The purpose of this new develop techniques that will be comply and further use test as a means of evaluation. Do not reverse, because unbeknownst to evaluation purposes data obtain will be waste. On the basis of the above sense then policy disagree with education. That is formulate to be taken first with clear previously select evaluation procedure being use as such.

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