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Compensation of Employees

Compensation of Employees
Employees can evaluate their performance and sacrifice themselves with receive returns. When employees feel dissatisfy with the return. He may try to find another job that offers more compensation. So the situation is very risky for those companies. When the competitors recruit / hijack employees who can disassociate the secrets of company / organization who feel dissatisfy.

Job Analysis

Actually job analysis is known as the process of collecting information related to the job and its specifications. As well as the necessary information can be collect by various methods such as surveys, inspections, discussions etc. Information for preparation of job description and job specification statements is collect.

Job Appraisal

Job evaluation is a systematic approach to evaluation of value or evaluation of rating or value of its value. He puts the job in a hierarchy and assigns the relevant value of each job so that the salary structure can be determine. This means that the job comparison is done to determine the value of a work compare to the others. Job evaluation provides a job placement ranking, so that it is possible to determine the right and proper salary for each job. This provides a basic ground for determining the effective pay structure by identifying returns factors.

Compensation surveys

The compensation survey refers to collecting information about current market rates by various channels. The information can be collect through formal or informal surveys. In small scale operations, most employers use informal telephone calls informally to collect information on small numbers of easily-identify jobs. This informal telephone call is also good technique to check the disparities in pay rate. Under this method, data and information related to other salary structures are obtain so that the collect data can provide a standard benchmark for redemption plans and policies. The necessary data and information are collect by various sources such as publish surveys, consultants and agencies, advertisements, informal communication etc.

Pricing Jobs

Under the job's pricing method, different salary levels are determine base on the grade of each work. Firstly, instead of assigning jobs to each individual job rate, salary is paid to each individual salary grade, rather than group in pay grade. The salary grade has almost the same difficulty or significant job. This means that jobs with similar nature can be group under a job grade as define by Job Assessment. If we use any point method in it, then the exact grade comes in a series of precise points. Fir example is 0-50 points, 50-100 points, etc.

Returns Top employees of the full award accept the workings of employees in the organization. The compensation can be physical and non-physical. Employees must be give according to the sacrifice that they should be give according to the organization / company where they work.

Companies providing compensation to the worker before performing a calculation by a fair exhibition evaluation system This system can usually include criteria for evaluating any existing employees.

For example, the number of work that works, the motion work, communication with other workers, behavior, job knowledge and other ways.

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