Saturday, 4 November 2017

How to reduce production costs?

production cost
In economics, the principle of production of pricing is the principle that the value of an object or condition is determined by the amount of money it generates. Costs can contain any factors of production and taxation.

After the topics relates to the reduction of warehousing and transport costs, we move to the next level of logistics company-production. The production process is one of the most expensive processes carry out in the company.

You may want to know some techniques to reduce your costs in this area of your company.

  1. Selection of skill staff-a good employee is a treasure for each company, so the trader should get rid of the temptation to employ their friends. An employer who depends on the good functioning of the plant must look primarily at the skills and predisposition of his employees, because it will be incumbent on them to be responsible for the proper performance of their tasks.

  2. Establishing an appropriate production schedule-one of the logistics tasks of the production company is the appropriate scheduling of the production process. It is the duty to calculate the time at which a consignment of goods is produce and on the basis of which it is necessary to make a calculation at the latest in advance, so as to was without delay on the production line.

  3. Purchase of high-quality machines and equipment-for the production process to run without unnecessary malfunctions and delays, it is worth to obtain the highest quality equipment use in the manufacture of the product. This can be a small expense for the company, but with time the client's satisfaction with a well-done task will pay off new orders, and the money invest will quickly return.

  4. Proper operation of the machines and their regular inspection-we return in a sense to step 1; As this is why we employ qualify personnel to use each machine and tool according to their intend purpose in a manner allowing long-term use of the device without the need for monthly repairs. Also remember to regularly inspect the machines. We do not want to think that during production there is a serious fault causing even multi delay on production.

  5. Use of the system “just in time "-One way to reduce production costs is to use this system. Thanks to it, the goods will be produce almost immediately before being sent to the customer. This avoid the storage process and, therefore, reduce the risk of damage and re-manufacture of the goods.

  6. Automation of production – fewer and less things are produced by people. More or less complicate activities are increasingly being replace by the work of robots. This allows us to reduce the financial expenses (payments to employees), while increasing the accuracy of the task perform.

  7. Electricity Saving-This is a point that has also been found in reducing storage costs. A good way to reduce the cost of production is to assemble windows in the ceiling, so that for several hours a day limit the consumption of electricity require for the lighting of the production hall.

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