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Strategic way to effectively manage Facilities planning

Facilities planning

The process should cover All facilities and updating of existing facilities planning and equipment used in the plant.

Receive the details for new product development from head of department Development or concern head of department or improvements in existing products base on Business Plan. Assess the existing Plant Lay out, facilities, processes and equipment for require capacity utilization. Even and capabilities as investigate by Plant Head, head of department –Development and Maintenance.

Optimization Technique

In case any modifications are require in plant lay out for optimizing material movement, utilization of machine, floor use etc. Discuss the same with management / Plant Head. In case any extra facilities / machinery are require to maintain line balance / meet the production volume and optimum capacities. Or any modifications are required in existing facilities, prepare the details and submit to management / Plant Head.


  • New Product Development

  • Business Plan

  • Existing Plant Layout including List of Machines

  • Capacity / Capability of machines / equipment

  • Problems in shops related to excess inventory, Line Balancing, Materials Travel on stages

  • List of New Machines / Equipment required for developing new products suggested during Advance product quality planning

    • Project Report for New Machines Installation

    • Project Report for Modification in Existing Machines / equipment

    • Modification in Plant Layout

    • Details of achievement in Optimizing Indicators.

    • Machine / Equipment Procurement Details

Process implementation of Facilities planning

Discuss with management / Plant Head and get the approval for enhancing the facilities. Organize for acquiring the facilities / equipment through head of department Purchase.

Get the new facilities installed or modifications in existing facilities from External / Internal Sources as applicable and mentioned in Project Report.

After installation and commissioning of new facilities assess the capability and capacity including Preliminary Process Capability and other optimized indicators, where required. Also update the plant layout.

Prepare List of Machines / Equipment required for new product development / modification in existing product through advance product quality planning documentation considering the existing plant lay out facilities / equipment and machinery.

Where the source of non-conformity occurrence has been identified through failure mode effect analysis / Capability studies on similar existing products, decide the controls to be exercised in order to meet the required results and update Control Plans based on the new installations / modification in machines / equipment.

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