Tuesday 20 June 2023

Integrated Approach: Bridging Operations and Projects for Enterprise-Level Project Management


Project Management


As an enterprise-level project management system, it must have the basic management functions required in the traditional enterprise management system:

1. Enterprise strategy: 

enterprises should be clear about their own goals, and the strategic goals of enterprises directly affect the selection of projects and the setting of project goals, as well as various behavior modes in the project.

2. Marketing, new product development and daily operations: 

These three functions are important functions of the enterprise, so the project of the enterprise will also run through these three functions, all around the company's product work.

3. Human resource management and financial management: 

This is the core resource of the enterprise, providing support for the activities of the enterprise. As a way of activity of enterprises, projects inevitably require the support of resources provided by enterprises, and human resources and funds are the basic resources required by the project.

4. Information technology: 

This has become a necessity for enterprise management, in project management, it is also necessary for the project management information system to collect the production information required by the project, communicate the project management information, so that the project management information and the management information of the enterprise cooperate with each other and coordinate with each other.

There are generally two types of work in a business, namely operations and projects. 


They have something in common, such as being completed by people, limited by limited resources, and all need to be executed and controlled according to plan. But they have an essential area: operations are continuous and repetitive work, while projects are temporary, unique. So the project is an ever-changing process, and the process in operation is often the most stable. 


These two working methods need to cooperate and connect with each other, only in this way can enterprises have the ability to continuously innovate and stabilize at the same time. 


If you only focus on projects, it is easy to form a "dog bear breaking stick", if you only focus on operations, it is difficult for enterprises to adapt to new changes and lack viability.

But for software companies, income is achieved through the completion of projects, projects have become the main way of working of enterprises, enterprises continue to undertake similar projects, according to similar processes to organize projects, through the project delivery of similar products, operation management and project management further integration, the main work of operation management is to manage the project, in the repeated project management process, it has formed the basic way of enterprise operation management, which is more urgent for enterprise-level project management system.


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