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How to control the duration in construction project management


construction project management

The duration control of a construction project will determine the construction progress of the construction project. The progress of the construction project largely represents the level of a construction enterprise's ability, represents the management level of a construction unit, and the speed of the project construction progress is related to whether the construction enterprise can be recognized by the market and trusted by customers, so the project management must control the progress and duration of the project. 


This paper analyzes and studies the significance of the implementation of construction period control, the influencing factors of construction period and the scientific control measures of construction period in construction project management.

Enterprise value is enhanced by financial management Correct view of enterprise value, financial management and enterprise value relationship, all activities of enterprises are to enhance enterprise value, financial management is also one of them, then from our Porter resource allocation map. 

It can be seen that the activities that enhance corporate value and realize corporate value, first of all, is the transaction cycle, then this transaction cycle, sales, procurement, production, this is a transaction cycle, then we can also some auxiliary activities, then these auxiliary activities, strategy, human resources, research and development, Then financial management is also one of them, then financial management expresses value flow, information flow, is the main force to enhance enterprise value.

For construction project management, construction period control is the most important link, and it is also the most prone to mistakes in the entire construction process. If the construction period control can be carried out smoothly, the amount of funds invested by the enterprise will be reduced to a certain extent, so as to achieve an increase in economic benefits.

First, in the process of project management, the practical significance of controlling the construction period is analyzed.

The so-called management work related to construction projects, from its main connotation, is described in simple words, and the details of each aspect and every work link of the entire project from the initial project planning stage to the specific implementation of the entire project are carried out in a timely manner. 


Engineering projects, their own management, planning, and comprehensive coordination are actually very large-scale management activity. For the management of engineering projects, the most important task is to control each link and construction period of the entire project with a certain degree of effectiveness and scientific, so as to effectively guarantee the smooth implementation of the entire construction period.

For effective construction period control of construction projects, it can minimize the cost of construction enterprises, so as to improve the corresponding economic benefits. In the whole construction process, because each link in it requires continuous capital investment, if the actual construction period is extended due to various influencing factors, it will make the entire enterprise need to invest more and more funds.

However, from another aspect, if you only pursue a short construction period and fast construction speed, and constantly urge the construction period to advance, then the quality of the corresponding building itself will be limited to a certain extent. 


In view of such a situation, it is necessary to control the actual construction period of the corresponding construction project effectively and scientifically. 


From this point of view, only through the relevant control management personnel to carry out scientific, reasonable, detailed, and accurate investigation and analysis of these complex construction procedures, large project scale and corresponding capital investment, can a reasonable and optimal construction period be formulated for the engineering construction project, so as to control it strictly and effectively and effectively improve the actual construction efficiency.

Second, the analysis of the main factors affecting the construction period of the construction project.

(1) The impact from the owner

The first thing to put forward is the impact from the owner, for the entire project construction, the owner is the most important part of the capital investment in the entire project construction process, so in general, they are often very concerned about the actual construction progress of the project. 


When the trend is vested interests, the owner will often put forward a certain degree of urgency of the construction period requirements, but from the owner's point of view, they often do not have much understanding and understanding of the quality of the building, they only care whether the project is completed, or whether the project can be completed in accordance with the relevant construction requirements. If the project is too hasty in the process of actual construction, it will lead to various problems in the process of quality review of the project. 


If the owner puts forward unscientific and unreasonable requirements for the construction period, it will lead to the entire project being in a very passive position in the actual construction process, and there will be a state of congenital deficiencies.

(2) The impact from within the construction unit

The second point that needs to be raised is the impact caused by the builder itself. In the specific construction process of the project, the construction unit itself may have many influencing factors that may greatly affect the specific construction progress of the entire project, and because of these influencing factors, the construction period may be more or less extended. 


For example, the comprehensive quality skills and business quality level of the relevant technical personnel of the construction unit are relatively low, the construction unit itself does not pay enough attention to the construction plan, the construction machinery used by the construction unit in the actual construction process is relatively backward, and the technical means used by the construction unit in the actual construction process are very backward and so on from many aspects.

(3) The impact from the construction environment

The third point will be raised from the various consequences caused by the different construction environment. Here, the proposed construction environment refers to the surrounding natural environment factors and natural environmental factors in the actual construction process, and for some urban internal construction projects, it will also be affected by the surrounding buildings. The consequences and actual impacts of the above-mentioned environmental impacts in the actual construction process are unpredictable and a large part of them cannot be avoided. Therefore, in the process of actual construction, the construction plan must also be adjusted to a certain extent according to the corresponding construction environment.

(4) the impact of other types of factors

In addition to the above three major influencing factors, the impact that may be on the actual construction also includes the strong level of funds of the construction unit itself, the level of internal management of the construction unit, the level of human resources related management and other aspects, which will also have a certain degree of impact on the construction period and schedule control.

Third, how to effectively implement the corresponding construction period control for construction projects.

First of all, 

From the first point, formulate corresponding laws, regulations, or industry norms to restrict the rights of the owner. It is also possible to clearly write down the rights and responsibilities of the owner, the construction party, and the project supervision engineer in the terms of the contract by signing the contract. After the formation of certain regulations, it will force the owner to reduce the intervention and control of the construction project period. 


Of course, the formulation of this regulation does not completely ignore the opinions and requirements of the owner. The control of the construction period and the formulation of the construction plan shall be carried out scientifically on the basis of fully considering the requirements of the owner.



From the second point of view, improve the construction capacity of the construction team of the construction project. Construction units should raise requirements when recruiting talents and introduce high-level skilled workers.

High-tech workers can use skilled construction technology to save construction time for the construction unit, so that the construction period can be improved and planned under the premise of ensuring high quality.

From the third point, 

The construction unit must reasonably introduce other advanced construction equipment and construction technology, for the construction project, the construction equipment and the corresponding construction technology on the entire construction period and progress of the two most important reasons. 


If there is no new and advanced construction technology and modern construction equipment, it will have a great hindrance to the construction schedule. Equipment is the most basic thing in the entire building construction process, and technology is the most important guarantee for the quality of the entire project. 


Only by making a certain degree of improvement to the above two factors can the construction unit truly improve the construction period management and arrangement.



On the basis of the development of the project construction schedule, a number of auxiliary plans were developed as alternatives for emergency situations. The project schedule management plan is the core content of schedule control and the focus of schedule management. 


The schedule directly affects the work in the construction process of the construction project. But no plan is fixed and set in stone. With a fixed schedule and construction plan, it is difficult to ensure the smooth progress of construction. 


Therefore, the construction unit should be forward-looking and predictive. Anticipate various problems that may arise during the construction process, and then develop contingency plans based on these problems. This prevents unexpected circumstances from affecting the schedule. Even if an accident does occur, it will reduce the cost caused by the delay in the construction period.


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