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Effective Management of Engineering Projects


Engineering projects

Engineering projects | Project management as a comprehensive management discipline, the main content of engineering project management includes: the management of the personnel who implement the project, the management requirements for the identified project requirements, and the risks to be borne by the cost.

The management of engineering projects is a management activity with progress control, investment control and quality control of engineering projects as the core content. 


The implementation of engineering project management requires a comprehensive consideration of multiple management elements. Strengthening the management of engineering projects can effectively control the cost of engineering projects, ensure the quality of engineering projects, improve the economic benefits of projects, and then improve the economic benefits of enterprises. 


This requires enterprises to implement a project management responsibility system when managing engineering projects, simplify the management procedures of engineering projects, carry out effective management of engineering projects, and improve management effects.

1. Overview of project management

Engineering project management refers to the whole process of planning, coordinating, directing and controlling the project in order to achieve the project objectives. The main contents of engineering project management include contract management, information management, quality control, cost control and organization and coordination of projects. 


Conduct detailed analysis of the technical, material, financial and other elements of the project to strengthen project management. In the project engineering management, each project should set specific management procedures and management steps, the project manager should play a major guiding role in project management, so that the project management process to achieve dynamic control. 


In engineering project management, different management levels should be divided, and the division of management responsibilities should be clear.

2. Common problems in engineering project management

From the perspective of the current domestic market, first of all, there are still certain drawbacks in the investment management system of engineering projects, which are mainly reflected in "high investment, low income, high accumulation and low development".


At present, the sources of investment in the field of domestic engineering construction are still public-owned enterprises and institutions, local governments and the state as the main source of investment, and its largest buyer is still the government, so governments at all levels still play an irreplaceable role in the construction of the entire project. 


In the construction process of some projects, administrative leaders at all levels and important departments are often responsible for forming the leadership team of the project legal person to ensure its smooth progress and reflect the importance of the project.


The project legal person responsibility system has a very strong administrative color. 


Second, there is a large funding gap for construction projects. At present, it is not uncommon for domestic engineering projects to exceed the estimated budget, and construction projects with funds and advance funds occur from time to time. 


Specifically, in order to establish projects within the scope of the management authority of the competent department, some construction units even deliberately use missing items to understate the investment estimate, or underestimate the grade and scope of the project, creating a false impression that the proposed project has less capital demand, but in actual operation, they are extravagant and wasteful, paying attention to scale and grade, causing a serious funding gap for project construction. 


Third, the legal system and related concepts of engineering project management need to be improved. Some engineering project construction enterprises fail to correctly understand the importance of project management, cannot start from the overall benefits of the project, and lack the overall control of the project, so that the project management cannot be effectively developed.

3. Strengthen countermeasures for project management

Strengthening engineering project management measures can maximize the potential of enterprises, improve the management level of enterprises most effectively, realize the optimal allocation of enterprise production, and then realize the economic and social benefits of enterprises. Based on the author's actual work experience in recent years, summarize the relevant reports of relevant colleagues in the past, and combine the common problems in the current engineering management of domestic engineering projects, the following countermeasures are summarized:

3.1 Gradually integrate with international management

In order to give full play to the maximum role of project management, we must dare to "go out", join the ranks of international competition, and gradually integrate with international management. Based on the work experience in recent years, the author believes that the following aspects can be started: contract management, quality management, engineering management, cost management, safety management, etc., and gradually realize the integration with international management. 


At present, there are relatively complete regulations for project management in the world. It has strict requirements for the qualification management of contractors, and has very strict system requirements for the project from its design, construction, and later completion acceptance and put into use. 


In addition, the relevant international systems are also very strict in the management of professional and technical personnel qualification registration, from technology to management, to ensure that the quality of the project meets the due standard requirements; In the face of the fierce international competition market, only by understanding and deeply understanding its relevant standards and systems can we have the opportunity to enter the international market and get due legal protection internationally.

3.2 From a macro perspective, grasp the development ideas of system management

3.2.1 Use the system theory idea to establish the project management system model. First, consider a construction project as a complete system by combining it with a systems theory perspective. At present, it is divided into six subsystems: project feasibility study stage, design phase, construction bidding phase, construction phase, post-completion property management phase, and salvage value recovery phase. Due to the mutual influence between the phases, optimal management should be implemented at different stages to achieve the maximum benefits of the project.

3.2.2 Realize the overall strategic management of engineering projects from the strategic thinking of sustainable development. 

Sustainable development requires assurance, in addition to meeting the basic needs of the present generation, without jeopardizing the needs of future generations. 


That is to say, in the project management must always adhere to the minimum destruction as the ultimate management goal, no matter which of the above subsystems involved in the construction project management must take sustainable development as the basic strategic idea, fully consider the implementation of the latter stage.

Fundamentally, sustainable development requires the environmental, economic and phases of the project. Sustainability is now the overall strategic objective of construction projects, and any project needs to fully implement this goal from the beginning of its feasibility study.

3.3 In terms of implementation means, improve the scientific and technical nature of management.

Project management decision-makers play a decisive role in engineering project management, and the implementation of management with the help of advanced science and technology is the key to improving the final efficiency of engineering projects. In order to use advanced science and technology, the following aspects must be done in engineering project management: 

(1) Strengthen the feasibility study of construction projects, and scientifically plan and control project objectives. 

(2) Enhance the scientific and technological responsibility of project leadership decision-makers. In order to increase their scientific and technological responsibility, in addition to the decision-makers themselves to pay attention to science and technology, they must also pay attention to daily learning, constantly improve their own scientific and technological level, always stand at the forefront of science and technology, and then improve their comprehensive level of scientific and technological management. 

(3) Increase the intensity of sustainable development technology. All projects must be based on social benefits and environmental benefits, and continuously improve the economic benefits of the project itself.

3.4 Improve the comprehensive literacy of project managers

At present, some developed countries in the world attach great importance to the qualification and training of project management professionals, and have formed a relatively perfect scale. 


In particular, the current PMP exam and related project management professional qualification certificates sponsored by the PMI Society of America have been widely recognized internationally. Those who can obtain this qualification are very important for project management, and they will also have more opportunities to participate in the management of the government part or be reused by some large companies. From the perspective of the domestic situation, the project management system started later than the international market, and the pace was slightly slower, so it appeared to be slightly backward compared with the international industry. 


Therefore, regarding the current backwardness of the comprehensive quality of project management talents, the author believes that relevant experts can be listened to, more discussions on international exchanges of project management disciplines can be carried out, and at the same time the establishment of disciplines in colleges and universities can be strengthened to standardize and improve the quality of project management talents and standardize the qualification recognition work.

3.5 Strengthen the internal management of the project department.

Strengthening project management is to adhere to the management in place, rights and responsibilities, and responsibility supervision in place under the leadership of a group of leadership groups that can fight a tough battle, and on this basis, do a good job in the preparation and management of all project projects, do a good job in the preparation of project management outline, and ensure that the quality assurance system is fully complete. 


Such as the responsibility system, organizational system, legal system, constraint system, etc. involved in the outline, and implement the project in an orderly manner according to its progress.

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