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Housing Construction Project | A Comprehensive Approach


Housing Construction Project

With the advancement of science and technology, the construction management of construction projects has gradually been paid attention to, enriched project management content, and comprehensively managed from the perspectives of safety, schedule, quality and cost, which can not only effectively reduce construction risks and complete construction tasks according to regulations, but also effectively reduce project costs, expand the benefits of construction enterprises, and promote the overall level of construction management in USA. Engineering projects have different characteristics, is a systematic engineering, USA's current stage of construction management level still has room for improvement, construction enterprises should be rigorous attitude, continuous accumulation of experience, comprehensive improvement of construction management level.

First, the meaning, content and characteristics of housing construction project management

1. The connotation of construction project management

The management object of construction project management is the construction project, which according to the internal law of the construction project, to achieve the whole process, all-round organization, planning, guidance, control and optimal allocation of resources for the construction activities of the project, and finally achieve the best economic benefits, it is based on the contract, centered on the project manager responsibility system.
The goal of construction project management is the goal of the project, and the main content of construction project management is contract management, cost control, quality control, schedule control, safety control, organization and coordination and information management.
Construction project management is an applied science, which is summarized on the basis of practice, reflects the objective laws of project management and project operation, and is used to guide practical activities. Construction project management in accordance with the required quality, so that the project within the approved budget and agreed time, to achieve the final construction product, ultimately make the project successful.

2. The content of project management of housing construction engineering

To strengthen the project management of housing construction projects, it is necessary to analyze the production factors of the construction project in detail, carefully study and strengthen their management. The production factors of housing construction projects are mainly managed from the following aspects:

(1) Improve the comprehensive benefit of project management, efficient and reasonable use of resources, so as to promote overall optimization.
(2) Dynamic management of various production factors. The main content of dynamic management is to effectively plan, coordinate, organize and control the production factors according to the internal laws of the corresponding projects, so that they can flow reasonably in the project and seek balance in the dynamics. Dynamic management is the guarantee and means to optimize the combination and optimal configuration.
(3) Optimizing the combination of production factors means that the production factors put into the construction project are appropriately matched in the construction process to play their role in a coordinated manner.
(4) Implement the optimal allocation of production factors, that is, the input production factors should meet the construction needs or be equipped in a timely, proportional, appropriate amount and location.
3. The main characteristics of project management in the construction of housing construction projects
Like other project management, project management in housing construction engineering also has its own characteristics, mainly as follows:
(1) The management of housing construction project requires strengthening organization and coordination. Because construction requires a lot of resources, takes a long time, and takes place in the open air, it also involves complex economic, legal, administrative, technical and interpersonal relationships. And due to the large mobility of construction personnel involved in the construction project and the single-piece nature of production activities, a special flow method is required. Organizational coordination in construction project management is complex, difficult and changeable, so it is necessary to strengthen organizational coordination to ensure the smooth progress of construction.
(2) The management of housing construction projects is changed by stages, and its content is the management of an orderly process carried out over a long period of time. Each engineering project should be carried out in accordance with the construction procedure, according to the construction procedure, the manager according to the construction content changes brought about by the construction project management time, make design, propose measures, sign contracts, optimize the combination of resources, and carry out targeted dynamic management to improve construction efficiency and construction efficiency.

(3) The object of building construction project management is the construction project. Due to the time cycle and particularity of construction projects, construction project management is the management of special production activities, special commodities, and special trading activities in special markets. Therefore, the difficulty and complexity are unmatched by other project management.
(4) The manager of the construction project is the construction enterprise. Although the supervision unit is related to the construction project, it only takes the construction unit as the object of supervision and cannot be counted as construction project management. Neither the design unit nor the construction unit is involved in the construction project management.

Second, the problems in project management in the construction of housing construction projects

1. Attach importance to project contracting and despise project management

In recent years, in accordance with the national development strategy and the outline of the Tenth Five-Year Plan, a large number of infrastructure projects such as water conservancy, electric power, transportation, communications and energy have been started one after another. This has brought a rare development opportunity for construction enterprises in history. As the top priority of enterprises, each construction enterprise dominates project contracting, and has increased the intensity of contracting. Due to the importance of project contracting and contempt for project management, there has been chaotic project management, project quality decline, cost increase, and enterprise efficiency decline. Construction enterprises should attach great importance to recognizing the harm brought by this phenomenon to society and enterprises, and truly sound the alarm from the ideological point of view.
2. Just care how the project is done, no matter how the project is calculated

Another problem in construction project management is the phenomenon of doing nothing. After winning many projects, simply emphasize the construction plan and progress, only ensure that the project is completed on time, ignore the accounting of the project, often complete a piece, waste of materials, there are great problems in project accounting, there are many weak links, which should attract the great attention of the managers of various construction enterprises.
3. Emphasize the progress of the project and ignore the quality of the project

With the increase of national engineering projects, construction enterprises want to make the enterprise bigger and stronger, therefore, in the project construction only pursue the progress of the project, and do not pay enough attention to the construction methods and processes of each link in the project construction, and are accustomed to using traditional construction techniques and methods, which restricts the development of USA's national economy.

4. Only care about how the project saves costs and speeds up the progress, regardless of the safety of the project

Another problem in construction project management is to hold a fluke mentality, blindly save money and seek speed and ignore safety, lessons in this regard abound, the consequences to the country, society, enterprises, families are tragic, must attract the management of all construction enterprises to pay great attention.

5. The construction project system is not perfect, and it is difficult to implement various management
From the recent survey of construction enterprises, it is found that there are many problems in the construction project system, some of which are not scientifically formulated and have a certain gap with the actual work; Some management measures and methods are not specific, and it is very difficult to implement them during the construction process.

3. Effective countermeasures to improve project management in construction projects

1. Establish a sound construction project management system

Perfect management system is the basis to ensure the quality of construction project management, in the process of construction project construction, the construction unit should formulate reasonable management measures according to the actual situation of the project, and learn from successful management strategies and management experience at home and abroad, to form a management model suitable for its own characteristics. At the same time, in order to ensure that the scientific management system can be implemented, it is necessary to establish and improve the responsibility system of project management, refine the relevant responsibilities to people, improve the enthusiasm of managers, and finally promote the improvement of the quality of engineering construction project management in all aspects.

2. Reasonably coordinate the relationship between project cost, quality and progress

In the process of construction of construction projects, the construction unit should pay more attention to the quality of the project, control the project cost as much as possible under the premise of ensuring the quality of the project, and at the same time formulate a scientific construction plan, make reasonable planning for the construction progress of each stage, and ensure that all aspects of the project have sufficient construction time to make the project proceed in an orderly manner. At the same time, the construction unit should also actively adopt new methods and technologies to simplify the construction process, so as to further improve the quality of the project, reduce the cost of the project, accelerate the progress of the project, and make the construction project better realize its social and economic benefits.

3. It is necessary to do a good job in the measurement and evaluation of construction project costs and implement target responsibility cost management

Establishing a cost prediction and evaluation system for housing construction projects and scientifically and reasonably determining various target cost indicators is another feature of cost management of modern construction enterprises. Therefore, as soon as the housing construction project starts, the legal person and the project manager department must organize relevant functional departments to objectively and fairly evaluate the cost of the housing construction project in accordance with the principle of who is in charge of the evaluation and who is responsible for the evaluation. The main contents of the assessment:

(1) Evaluate the scientificity of bidding and quotation through extensive and in-depth market research, demonstration and detailed on-site accounting to check whether the bidding quotation is reasonable, whether there are mistakes in the compilation and listing, omission and missing items, compare the quotation cost with the on-site measurement cost, measure and evaluate the operating efficiency, and decompose the target cost of the index project.

(2) Reasonably determine the target cost through the optimization of the construction plan, scientifically set the project cost management system, according to the direct cost of the operation layer (labor cost, material cost, machinery use fee, on-site independent fee); The indirect management fee of the project department and the management fee of the superior authority (interest, tax, fund, etc.) are evaluated in layers. According to the physical quantity consumed by unit house construction, sub-house construction and construction process, the cost unit price acceptable to the market is calculated, and the cost indicators are scientifically determined.

4. Increase the training of staff

People are the most basic unit of construction projects, and improving the working ability of staff in the construction process fundamentally guarantees the smooth implementation of the project. Therefore, the construction unit should pay more attention to personnel management, ensure that the construction personnel have the corresponding qualifications, and regularly carry out various trainings to improve the technical level and ideological level of the construction personnel, so that the construction personnel can spontaneously carry out scientific construction in accordance with the specifications and reduce the difficulty of construction project management. At the same time, it is also necessary to strengthen the management level of construction project management personnel, combine scientific management system with excellent management ability, and fully play the role of construction project management.

With the advancement of science and technology, the construction management of construction projects has gradually been paid attention to, enriched project management content, and comprehensively managed from the perspectives of safety, schedule, quality and cost, which can not only effectively reduce construction risks and complete construction tasks according to regulations, but also effectively reduce project costs, expand the benefits of construction enterprises


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