Monday 19 June 2023

3 tips for project management



project management

First, manage the time.

In order to ensure the implementation of the project, the first thing to do is to manage your time, and there are three principles:

1. Saving. 

Saving is to learn to squeeze time, and many activities in management can be completed in a short time, such as one minute of praise, one minute of criticism, one minute of tasking, one minute of reporting, so as to ensure that the busiest time can also cope with several simultaneous projects. For example, on the eve of Children's Day, the sports day project, the shooting ball skipping rope display project and the happiness teacher project were implemented at the same time. In every communication or meeting, I try to eliminate unnecessary digression, nonsense, and get straight to the point, which not only buys me time for maneuvering, but also saves the time of other members of the project team and gives them more time to implement the project.

2. Optimization. 


he main way to optimize is to sort, and the first thing I do every day at work is to list the things I have to do in the day, and then solve them in order of priority, so as to ensure the smooth progress of the project.

3. Decentralization. 

Decentralization is an effective way to reduce the burden on principals. In project management, I learned to delegate the decision-making power to deal with front-line issues, such as the small class "Celebrating 'June <>st' Parent-Child Fun" sports project, where the project team leader leads the teacher to study and formulate the plan, in which the division of venues, the selection of sports projects, the connection between the activities before and after, and the distribution of prizes are all made by the project team members to make detailed plans; In the shooting ball skipping demonstration project, the members choose the music choreography, arrange the rehearsal time, coordinate the parents to do the work together, and all I have to do is make good use of the "one minute".

Second, will listen

After exploration, we found that the effect of improving listening needs to start from two aspects, on the one hand, correct your mentality and reverse the unified way of thinking, on the other hand, you need to improve your listening skills:

1. Low profile. 

When communicating with the teacher of the project team, let her fully explain her ideas, do not interrupt easily, even if you need to express different opinions, you must fully understand the other party's point of view. In communication, the latter is more active and achieves better results.

2. Multiple feedback. 


Such as using more nods, retelling, and responding in agreement.

3. Diversification. 

Understand and respect different values with an open and inclusive attitude. The members of our Happy Teachers project team are selected by the leaders and teachers in the project bidding, these teachers do not want to disappoint the leaders but also to be recognized by the teachers, both to cope with the complicated work of the day and spare time and to carry out trivial project activity design, we give the project team members full understanding, support and listening, and better play their value. The solid progress of the project allows teachers to truly feel the true meaning of happiness in the happy teacher activities.

Third, use a good ruler

We use the "two rulers" to evaluate project activities in order to better carry out our work in the future. The first ruler is efficiency indicators, including project progress, completion of work quotas, time and resource utilization, etc. The second ruler is the spirit of cooperation, which mainly includes cooperation attitude, team awareness, interpersonal relationships, etc. 


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