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Challenges and Strategies for Improvement | Project Management


Strategies for Improvement


For a long time, the quality management of distribution network engineering construction adopts most of the traditional management methods, with the continuous development of modern technology technology, the society's requirements for power grid safety and quality are also constantly improving, it is necessary to fully implement the fine design and construction process standard management in the distribution network project. 


With the continuous expansion of the scale and number of power grid construction projects, the business volume of power distribution projects has begun to gradually increase, and the management projects of distribution network projects need to be continuously innovated, developed and improved. This paper mainly discusses the problems existing in the project management of distribution network engineering and the countermeasures for improvement.

First, the problems in the management of distribution network project management


1. The awareness and concept of project management of the owner is indifferent. 

The owner's own project management awareness is weak, failed to develop a standardized management process, for the effective management of distribution network engineering caused great difficulties, in order to ensure the realization of project objectives, the owner should take the initiative to shoulder their own responsibility, for the project management process of the control function, organization and coordination, planning and decision-making aspects of the work to be responsible for the whole process, project management personnel in the process of engineering project management should also strive to play their own unique role, It enables the owner to fully grasp the management details of the project management personnel and ensure the rationality and legality of the entire project implementation.

2. Lack of scientific and professional management methods. 

In the past, most of USA's engineering construction units have a large number of personnel, huge institutions, generally do not rely on relatively professional some technical consulting institutions, for the project planning work has not attracted enough attention, the management mode is relatively backward, lack of information management mode, each new project needs to re-establish a set of personnel team, lack of scientific and professional engineering management methods, management efficiency and level is relatively low.

3. The management model is too single.

The traditional distribution network project management method is very single, in the whole process of project construction, due to the lack of scientific and rigorous management mode, so that the parties to the project construction can not clearly define their respective responsibilities, if there is a dispute, there is no reasonable and necessary solution to solve the problem, resulting in low quality results.

4. The operation of bidding is not standardized enough. 


In the whole process of project operation, supervision, equipment, construction and design bidding operation is not yet standardized, so that the owner can not have the right to carry out merit-based bidding, to a large extent, the project to Boao is just a show, simple travel bidding procedures, not the real sense of bidding, the core of bidding is actually competition, if there is a lack of competition will lose the real sense of bidding value.

Second, the countermeasures of distribution network project management

1. Strengthen the management of distribution network engineering projects. 


At present, the socialist market economy is in the process of rapid development, the consulting work of distribution network construction has also begun to develop rapidly, and gradually towards standardization, but in the short term there will be no major change, but also need a process, the owner of the project to change the traditional concept, strengthen the standardized management of distribution network engineering projects, strengthen the integration with international practices, and strive to use the current distribution network engineering development of the actual situation. 


In the supervision unit and consulting department, give full play to the value of distribution network engineering in project management, continuously improve the management level of its own project construction, strengthen the use of scientific management methods, progress management methods and quality management methods, ensure the smooth implementation of the project, and continuously improve the social benefits and investment benefits of distribution network engineering construction projects.

2. Strengthen the safety management of distribution network projects. 


Establish a reasonable safety management system, the relevant personnel involved in the construction before the construction of safety education, especially for some projects with a relatively high risk coefficient, it is more necessary to organize professionals to explain the safety knowledge of personnel, so that each participant can master certain safety knowledge, in addition, it is also necessary to strengthen the safety control of the construction process, safety supervision personnel should continue to strengthen the intensity of inspection, the construction process of the safety hazards in time to find, and make timely safety hazard treatment, Try to eliminate the occurrence of safety accidents and ensure the safe implementation of the project.

3. Strengthen the quality management of distribution network engineering. 


Quality management for the construction of distribution network projects, no matter when is the key to construction, district and county power supply bureau in the quality management of project implementation should regard project construction as the goal of striving for bidding project standards, strictly implement the project supervision system, do a good job in the quality control of each stage of the implementation of the project, in the process of project quality management targeted to strengthen control and supervision of some problems that are prone to occur in distribution network projects, regularly inspect key parts, and make corresponding inspection records. Take it as the basic basis for project acceptance.

4. Strengthen the progress management of distribution network projects.


Due to management means and other reasons, the project management of distribution network engineering often lacks comprehensiveness and appears to be very rough, resulting in the control, coordination, planning and organization of the project is difficult to carry out effectively, and its plan is difficult to play a guiding significance for the implementation of the entire project, resulting in the disconnection between the project management work and the actual situation on the site, making the progress of the entire project plan seem insignificant, just coping with things. 


Only by establishing a sound project management system and using scientific and advanced modern management methods and methods to carry out project management of distribution network projects. 


In view of the relatively unstandardized problems in some consulting industries in distribution network projects, enterprises must strengthen the construction of market-oriented supervision companies, consulting companies and other consulting institutions, and it is difficult for the owner system of some distribution network projects to play its due role, the main reason is that the supervision system and the bidding system are not standardized, and it is very important to accelerate the construction of supervision institutions and the construction of supervision legislation.

5. Strengthen the cost management of distribution network projects. 


Establish a relatively clear project cost management system, before the implementation of the project, it is necessary to make a strict assessment of the budget required by the entire project, and form a relatively clear relevant assessment report, especially for some emergencies in the process of project implementation, it is necessary to make good preparations, strictly control the cost of all aspects in the process of construction, conduct regular inspections of the project cost, find the deficiencies and correct them in time. 


The county power supply bureau should strictly control the preliminary engineering design budget, settlement and construction drawing budget, strengthen the constraint and control role of capital budget and construction drawing budget in project cost management, and effectively improve the investment income of project construction.

6. Strengthen the management of distribution network engineering technology. 


The project management of distribution network engineering is a very systematic and complex project, in the process of management, many factors are interrelated and mutually restrictive, in order to be able to manage the operation of the entire project. 


It is necessary to analyze it in detail, the use of system engineering methods to strengthen the dynamic analysis of the project, objective analysis of quantitative data caused by the actual engineering situation, for decision-making to provide a good basis, with the continuous advancement of computer technology and the continuous development of system engineering theory. 


The methods and technologies of distribution network engineering project management have also developed rapidly in recent years, and the management methods of network technology have also received more and more attention, and the decision-making thinking and mode of a project management have also been greatly improved.


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