Monday 19 June 2023

A Path to Efficient and Sustainable Growth of Engineering Project


Engineering Project


In recent years, under the guidance of the scientific outlook on development, electric power enterprises have vigorously promoted group operation, intensive development, lean management and standardization construction, and the enterprise has continued to develop rapidly. Power engineering construction project is one of the main businesses of power grid enterprises, how to carry out power engineering project management, how to improve the level of power engineering project management, is bound to attract attention and attention, is bound to bring huge benefits to power enterprises.

First, the basic concept of project management

Project management refers to the use of scientific theories and methods under certain constraints to plan, organize, command, control and coordinate the project, and achieve the expected goals at the beginning of the project formulation.

Engineering project management refers to the realization of project safety, quality, progress and cost control objectives through project planning and project control.

Second, the importance and necessity of engineering project management

In power engineering project management, its importance is mainly manifested in the following aspects:

Can effectively control the progress of engineering projects: power engineering project management usually has a project management department, under which multiple departments have a unified division of labor, coordination, mutual cooperation, of which the infrastructure planning team is responsible for the early stage of the project feasibility study, environmental impact assessment, land use approval and other related procedures, laying the foundation for the start of the project. The costing group performs costing and control of projects. 

The construction team is specifically responsible for the construction progress and quality of the project. The supervision team supervises according to the construction progress and quality. The above-mentioned teams work together to promote the smooth implementation of the project under the unified coordination and scheduling of project management, so project management is crucial to effectively control the progress of power engineering projects.

The quality of engineering projects can be effectively controlled: through project management, construction organizations can be set up and special quality supervision positions can be set up; In addition, special supervision personnel must be hired to supervise and accept the quality of the project in stages. It plays an effective role in project quality control.

Can effectively control the cost of engineering projects: In the management of power engineering projects, the construction management unit is the main responsible person for project cost control. The design unit optimizes the design, applies the concept of engineering cost control to the main links such as engineering feasibility study, initial establishment, construction drawing design, completion design, etc., and strives to optimize technical and economic indicators. 


The construction unit carries out construction in strict accordance with the requirements of the construction drawings, optimizes the construction plan, puts forward reasonable suggestions, and reduces the construction cost of the project. The supervision unit conscientiously implements the project supervision plan and requirements, and promptly puts forward suggestions and opinions on the problems affecting the project cost. The above units perform their respective responsibilities to achieve effective control of project cost costs.


It can effectively control the risk of engineering projects: power engineering management is a complex process, with many participating units and personnel, long construction period, and many internal and external influencing factors, so it faces more risks. Risk management is a part of project management, in which risk awareness can be enhanced, comprehensive and in-depth understanding of risks, risk control, loss reduction, and safety management level can be improved.

Third, the problems in the management of power engineering projects

Unbalanced quality of project management personnel: The education level of the population engaged in engineering project management in China's power industry is unbalanced, especially the project management personnel have less understanding of management knowledge; Unbalanced technical and professional quality of construction personnel; The imbalance in supervision skills of supervisors is widespread. Although there has been a gradual trend of improvement with development in recent years, it is generally very unbalanced, which largely limits the level of power engineering project management.

Quality control is not in place in project management: it is mainly reflected in the low technical quality of designers and defective project design; The overall technical level of the construction team is low; Most of the construction personnel carry out construction according to experience rather than strictly in accordance with design drawings and construction standards, and there are phenomena such as cutting corners and simplifying installation procedures; Concealed projects cannot strictly perform acceptance procedures, acceptance personnel are not strict, and there are cases of going through the motions. The above problems directly lead to the lack of guarantee of project quality.

Project management organizational system and management process are not standardized: some engineering project management has not established a special project management agency or set up a temporary agency composed of part-time personnel, and project management personnel work part-time, which directly leads to the non-implementation of project management responsibilities, non-standard and rational project management processes, and lack of management details in management, resulting in detail management loopholes.

Non-standard management of project management archives: Drawings, specifications, meeting minutes, contracts, technical agreements and other archival materials generated in project management are an important basis for operation, maintenance, management, transformation and other work after the project is put into operation. However, in the actual project management, there are often a series of problems such as the loss of various materials due to poor storage, incomplete basic materials such as design drawings, timely archiving of materials, and archived materials that are not preserved in accordance with archival standards.

4. Countermeasures and measures for the management of power engineering projects

Through the summary and analysis of the problems in the management of power engineering projects, the following management countermeasures and measures are proposed:

Improve the ideological awareness and business skills of project management personnel: It is necessary to improve the awareness of project management of project management personnel, especially project managers, always treat the project as a project, and standardize and standardize the management project in accordance with the principles and content of project management. 


At the same time, project management personnel should strengthen project management knowledge training, encourage them to learn project management skills, be competent for project management work from awareness and skills, and lay a solid foundation for engineering project management.

Establish a sound project management system and workflow; Before the project starts operation in the early stage, a sound management system and workflow should be established and strictly implemented. For the entire project, it is necessary to achieve closed-loop management, that is, according to the "PDCA" management method, to achieve the whole process management from planning, layout, arrangement to inspection and assessment.


As far as a single work of an engineering project is concerned, it is necessary to do a good job in each specific work in accordance with the "four everything" principle, that is, "everything is responsible, everything has rules to follow, everything is documented, and everything is supervised".

Promote project management innovation: vigorously promote project management innovation, make full use of professional and modern engineering project management concepts and ideas, make full use of advanced engineering project management software to achieve comprehensive control and improvement of project schedule, cost, quality, safety and risk, and realize lean management of power engineering projects.


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