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Sample Project Manager Job Description


Any project is an action aimed at achieving specific goals. The success of the project largely depends on the business qualities of the manager responsible for its implementation. The work of the designated employee is built in accordance with certain rules and regulations, which are prescribed in the job description of the project manager.

Sample - Job Description


1. General Provisions

In his activities, the project manager relies on:

  • the current norms of labor legislation regarding the management of employees;
  • management orders;
  • rules of the organization;
  • provisions of this job description.
  • The project manager must have knowledge in the following areas:
  • current legislation of the Russian Federation;
  • methodical manuals developed taking into account the specifics of the activities of a particular enterprise;
  • materials necessary for the performance of direct official duties;
  • rules and standards of document management;
  • economic justification of the project and the basics of its preparation;
  • fundamentals of economics and labor legislation;
  • rationalization of the organization of work of subordinates;
  • computer programs necessary for the implementation of a specific project;
  • fire safety rules;
  • current labor protection standards;
  • rules of sanitation and nature protection.

2. Responsibilities of the project manager

The project manager has the following job duties:

  • forecasting the result and determining the goals and objectives set as a result of the creation of the project;
  • organization of work on the creation and implementation of the project;
  • drawing up a list of works necessary for the implementation of the tasks and determining the circle of employees who will be engaged in their implementation;
  • drawing up a business plan, determining the size of the budget and preparing the documents necessary during the implementation of the project;
  • collection, processing and storage of information necessary for the implementation of the business project;
  • drafting contracts with suppliers and contractors;
  • drawing up schedules for work and monitoring the timing of their implementation;
  • conducting business negotiations;
  • making adjustments to the project after prior coordination with management;
  • entering information into databases;
  • organization of financial and analytical accounting;
  • preparation of calculations, methods and making proposals necessary for the successful implementation of the business project;
  • notification of employees about the norms of fire safety and labor protection. Conducting instruction in the required time.

3. Rights of the project manager

In addition to duties, the project manager has the following rights:

  • receive information from management regarding changes in the project or its job duties;
  • make suggestions regarding the specifics of the project activities or the improvement of the organization's work;
  • draw up and sign documents as part of its activities;
  • receive by compiling and sending requests the necessary information and transmit it to management;
  • offer the director to dismiss, encourage or send a specific employee to a certain position;
  • ask the management to provide all possible assistance in the implementation of their projects;
  • participate in meetings relating to the life of the workforce.

4. Interaction with officials

The project manager interacts with:

  • director of the enterprise;
  • a circle of subordinates;
  • in the course of performing his duties, the project manager is obliged to interact with the personnel service, estimate, legal and other production departments;
  • in the course of carrying out his activities, he receives and transmits the information necessary for the implementation of official duties.

5. Responsibility of the project manager

Responsibility rests with the project manager for:

  • violation of the job description entails disciplinary liability. These regulations are provided for in the Labour Code of the Russian Federation;
  • violation of internal rules of organization, fire safety, sanitary and security standards. For such violations, it is necessary to bring the project manager to various types of responsibility, including criminal liability;
  • disclosure of corporate secrets to third parties;
  • appearance in the workplace in a state of drug or alcohol intoxication;
  • if an employee has caused material damage to the enterprise or committed various types of offenses, then he is subject to various types of liability up to criminal liability.

6. Evaluation of the work of the project manager

The work of the project manager is evaluated by his immediate supervisor or ceo of the company. It is these officials who are obliged to make adjustments to the project or point out shortcomings to the employee.

Correction and sighting of instructions

Changes may be made to the job description at any time. The procedure for their introduction is agreed by the parties, unless otherwise provided by the charter of the enterprise.

The CI is drawn up in two copies and approved by the company's management. One of the copies is handed over to the project manager under the signature. The other copy must be stored in your organization's archive. The document must contain the signatures of a representative of the senior staff and an employee who has read the instructions. The DI is legally binding from the moment it is signed by the parties.

Features of the compilation of CI

The above sample instruction is suitable for project managers in any field.

The job description can be adjusted taking into account the specifics of the field of activity of a particular organization. At the request of the employer, some items may be added or excluded to it.

The job description form must contain:

  • personal data of the employee;
  • name of the organization
  • education and name of the university;
  • work experience;
  • personal data and position of persons replacing the project manager during his absence;
  • the name of the project for which the manager is responsible.
  • It is necessary to determine the goals and objectives of the project. The specifics of the preparation of the job description depend on this.

Job Duties

Depending on the specifics of a particular enterprise, this section reflects exactly those responsibilities for which the manager will be responsible. Separate items are prescribed in this section and taking into account the specific tasks assigned to the project manager. If changes were made to the project during execution, this fact is necessarily reflected in the document.

Rights of the project manager

The section reflects the rights of the project manager related to his work in the enterprise. The purpose of the section is the settlement of labor disputes arising from the fault of the employer. With the help of this section, the employee can prove his case. Protection of the rights of the project manager is guaranteed by the Labor Code and other regulatory legal acts in force in the territory of the Russian Federation.

Employee's liability

One of the mandatory points of the instruction. Reflects the degree of responsibility of the employee to the organization in the event of emergency situations. It will help the employer to point out shortcomings in the work of the project manager. It is this section that will restore the rights of the employer in the event that the project manager intentionally caused damage to the enterprise or committed other types of offenses.

The project manager is not financially responsible. If they cause damage to the organization, material compensation is recovered from him in civil proceedings.

Interaction with others

This section specifies the list of persons with whom the project manager should be in contact. It is necessary to indicate the circle of persons who are directly subordinate to the project manager.

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