Monday 14 February 2022

The difference between the product and the project

First, the difference between products and projects

1, the positioning is different

the product is the demand side, deciding what to do.

the project is the executor, and it solves the problem of how to do it.


2. users are different

products are used and managed by product managers, who record requirements and plan the development plan for the product.

projects are used and managed by project managers, who associate requirements, break down tasks, form teams, and lead team members in development work. control the progress of the project from start to finish.


3, the cycle is different

the duration of the project is generally shorter. after the project task is developed, the new version is released, and the project is finished.

the product cycle is long, is a process of continuous growth, improvement and maintenance, similar to human growth.

each project is carried out only once, closed when completed, and the life cycle ends. and the product is constantly being updated, without the concept of completion. replaced by new products, the life cycle is over.


second, the relationship between products and projects

products and projects are complementary, and product development is done through one project after another.

product requirements, through the project to achieve. continuous iterative development to promote the update of product versions.

what is the difference between doing a project and making a product? what is the difference between a project manager and a product manager? 


literally, the project manager is responsible for the project and the product manager is responsible for the product. a project may include one or more products, and the end of a project ends in the form of delivery of one or more products. a product is generally generic, can be used for a customers can be used for b customers, and a project often needs to be tailored to the needs of a customer. that is to say, after having a general product, for the project of customer a, it is necessary to do some customized development for the needs of customer a, and some customized development for the project of customer b. as a product manager, you should design products from a more general perspective, perhaps for a certain industry or a certain type of customer, but do not design products for a single customer. as a project manager, you should collect the customer's needs accurately, then discuss with the product manager to see which of the customer's customized requirements are achievable, and then make a plan to deliver the project. in the process of development, product managers and project managers also need to communicate and cooperate more, and keep the latest opinions and demands of customers informed, while also taking into account the duration and progress of the project.

The product management and project management have the same points:

1, product management and project management execution process is basically the same, must go through the planning, execution, adjustment, control of these steps.
2, product management includes project management, you can manage each version of the product development process with project management.

the difference between product management and project management

  1. The product strategy coincides with the overall strategy of the company, directly affecting the company's strategy; the project does not have such a large influence
  2. The target customer of the product has a lot, the project generally only has a
  3. Whether the product is successful needs a long time to test, and some times can not see at all, for example: a product developed, sold 5 million, everyone feels quite satisfied, but in fact, if the product is perfected some can sell 20 million, the actual effect may only be seen when reviewing history. do the project is not the case, good or bad project to do, the system on the line, customer feedback immediately came.
  4. The demand for products from customers, competitors, development trends (in fact, customers, and competitors demand a macro embodiment of the way) and other ways; the needs of the project mainly come from the customer
  5. The product management is included in the life cycle is long, a product may have to develop for a long time, there are many versions of the upgrade; the project is generally only developed once
  6. The product includes four steps such as market research, product definition and design, product development, and internal and external product promotion; the project is generally signed first, the customer is clear, and then done, generally do not need market research and product promotion.
  7. The product generally needs to adapt to a variety of environments (different operating systems, application servers, databases, etc.), the project generally only adapts to one environment can be 8, product management personnel are generally fixed, project management will generally be based on the specific project situation to determine the personnel, the change may be larger from the above comparison, we can see that the product manager must be a good project manager, but the reverse is not established

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