Sunday 13 February 2022

Reflection of the project



After such a long period of careful preparation, the hobby circle App has finally come out. Of course, this is inseparable from the efforts of each member of our group, and the following is a summary and reflection on the project production of this project, such as the selection of the topic, teamwork and conflict, project realization and future plans.

The first is the topic of our project, we chose such an online interactive entertainment app that collects the hobbies of the public, and I think it is a project with certain development prospects. First of all, his obvious feature is popularity, the range of people is currently any corner of the world that the Internet can reach, so its prospects are very good, but as far as the current situation is concerned, it is very difficult to achieve the development and further market operation of such an app, and we as students cannot have such financial strength to do such a thing, after all, it is currently based on learning cultural knowledge.

The second is the problem of cooperation and conflict between our team during the production of this project. First of all, when our group is developing the project, each member has their own due division of labor and a clear task arrangement. This is the foundation and important part of this project to be able to continue, with a good division of labor, such a complex app suddenly becomes incomprehensible, as if to make every member have a sense of participation and sense of responsibility in the workplace. At the same time, when we are developing the project, the discussion in the group is very much, especially in the code piece, our project manager spent a lot of time to correct and test the code, and we all gave him certain suggestions in the group to make him improve the efficiency of his work and avoid too much fatigue. 

When the project encountered bottlenecks, our spirit of cooperation was fully exerted, and many members voluntarily stepped forward to undertake the relevant tasks and finally submitted an excellent report. Of course, conflict is inevitable, in the development process of this project, we found that this app is very difficult for us to become bigger and stronger at present, and it can also be said that it is the bottleneck in our project plan, it can be said that the current production of this app is just a small puzzle for future development and growth.

We installed the eclipse Rap development environment, installed the international editing plugin in eclipse, and imported the coding styles. Although our software coders are not very familiar with these plug-ins and development environments, after doing a lot of homework, they are able to solve the problems in the project and finally deliver a satisfactory report.

After the development of this project, we have a further understanding of software engineering, and we also have a certain plan for the future. 


Most of these plans are based on our current problems, such as: 

Our technical personnel lack of relevant software research and development experience, slow progress, R & D personnel need to constantly supplement software functions, secondary development can not escape; and 

because of the fierce competition in the market, software needs a high degree of innovation ability, and can appear at the right time, and cut the target user needs; 

The cost of secondary development sometimes even exceeds the redevelopment of a new App Mistake the unreliable quotation you get when you are not sure of the demand as a real quotation to start the budget, resulting in the later capital budget can not keep up with the project out of control / bankruptcy;

the more careful the demand is thought, the higher the cost of development; when the project is online, it will be full of loopholes, and repeated repairs will not solve the essential problem. The last thing is to do a good job in terms of permissions, privacy, information and other security.

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