Sunday 13 February 2022

Human Resources can be key factor in the success or failure of the project

the most important resource for the project is the people, and how to effectively manage the human resources of the project has become the key factor in the success or failure of the project. the project's human resource management knowledge areas include planning human resource management, forming a project team, building a construction project team, and managing a project team.

first, plan human resources management

planning human resources management is the process of identifying and documenting project roles, responsibilities, required skills, reporting relationships, and developing a staffing management plan. the primary role of this process is to establish project roles and responsibilities, a project organization chart, and a staffing management plan with a staffing and severance schedule.

planning human resource management: inputs, tools and techniques and outputs

plan a data flow graph for human resource management

1.1 organizational theory

organizational theory describes how individuals, teams, and organizational departments behave. effective use of the general knowledge in organizational theory can save the time, cost and manpower investment in the preparation of human resource management plans, and improve the efficiency of planning work. in different organizational structures, people may have different performances, different performances, and may show different communication characteristics. it is very important to recognize this. in addition, leadership styles can be flexibly used according to organizational theory to accommodate changes in team maturity throughout the project lifecycle.

second, set up a project team

forming a project team is the process of confirming the availability of human resources and forming a team to carry out project activities. the main role of this process is to guide team selection and responsibility allocation, and to form a successful team.

assemble project teams: inputs, tools and techniques and outputs

graph of the data flow of the team that builds the project

3. construction project team

a construction project team is a process that improves work capacity, promotes team member interaction, and improves the overall atmosphere of the team to improve project performance. the main role of this process is to improve teamwork, enhance interpersonal skills, motivate team members, reduce turnover, and improve overall project performance.

construction project teams: inputs, tools & technologies and outputs

data flow graph for construction project teams

3.1 personnel assessment tools

personnel assessment tools give project managers and project teams insight into the strengths and weaknesses of their members. these tools help project managers assess team members' preferences and desires, how team members process and organize information, how team members make decisions, and how team members like to deal with people.

a variety of tools are available, such as attitude surveys, detail assessments, structured interviews, proficiency tests, and focus group discussions. these tools help increase understanding, trust, loyalty, and communication among team members, and continuously improve team effectiveness throughout the project.

4. manage the project team

managing a project team is the process of tracking team member performance, providing feedback, resolving issues, and managing team changes to optimize project performance. the primary role of this process is to influence team behavior, manage conflicts, resolve issues, and evaluate the performance of team members.

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