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Processes of the entire management for project


the overall management of the project includes six processes: formulating the project charter (initiation); formulating the project management plan (plan); guiding and managing the project execution (execution); monitoring the project work and overall change control (monitoring); ending the project (closing)


the project charter is a document that formally approves the project. the project manager should be appointed at all times before planning begins, preferably at the time of the development of the project charter.


the project charter shall include the following contents:

1) the purpose of the project or the reason for approving the project
2) measurable project objectives and relevant success criteria
3) the overall requirements of the project
4) a general description of the project
5) the main risks of the project
6) overall milestone schedule
7) overall budget
8) project approval requirements
9) delegated project manager and his duties and powers
10) the name and authority of the promoter or other person who approves the project charter


the project statement of work indicates the following matters: business requirements, product scope specification, strategic plan



when formulating the project charter, it is necessary to consider the factors and systems of the business environment. business environment factors include, but are not limited to: the culture and composition of the organization or company; government or industry standards; infrastructure (hardware and software facilities); existing human resources; personnel management; company work approval system; market; stakeholder risk tolerance; business database; project management information system.


Organizational process assets are summarized into two categories: the process and procedure of organizing work; and the overall information storage and retrieval knowledge base of the organization.


project initiation meeting is a common way to start a project. to start a good project kick-off meeting, the following five aspects should be done: determine the meeting objectives; do a good job in the preparation of the meeting; clarify and notify the participants in the meeting; clarify the main topics of the meeting; and make a good record.


 Guidance technology can be used to guide the formulation of the project charter. brainstorming, conflict resolution, problem resolution, and meeting management are all key techniques that facilitators can use to help teams and individuals complete project activities.


The project management plan includes the project scope plan, the schedule management plan, the cost management plan, the quality management plan, the process improvement plan, the staffing plan, the communication management plan, the risk management plan, and the procurement management plan.


The project management plan includes:

1) individual project management processes selected by the project management team
2) the level of implementation of each selected process
3) a description of the tooling techniques used in implementing these processes
4) ways and means of using selected processes in managing specific projects, including dependencies and interactions between processes, as well as important bases and outcomes
5) the way and method of the work to be carried out in order to achieve the project objectives
6) ways and methods of monitoring changes
7) use the implementation effect measurement benchmark and keep it complete.
8) implement the methods and methods of configuration management
9) communication needs and techniques between project stakeholders
10) selected project cycles and multi-phase project phases
11) key reviews of content, scope, and timing by top management in order to expedite the resolution of unresolved issues and deal with unanswered decisions.



The project management plan is the master plan or overall plan of the project.



The configuration management system is a subsystem of the entire project management system. The system includes processes for submitting change proposals, tracking the review and approval system for change proposals, determining the level of approval for changes, and confirming the method of changes approved. In most application areas, configuration management systems include change control systems. Generally commonly used configuration management software tools are CVS, VSS, Clear Case and so on.


The power of the project manager includes three aspects: authority, influence and right to know. permissions are what project managers have because of their status in the organization. influence is based on personal knowledge, experience, personality and charisma.


Several configuration management activities in the overall change control process are as follows: configuration identification; configuration status records; configuration verification and auditing.


The completion of the project or stage is the completion of all activities of all project management process groups to formally end the process of the project ring stage.

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