Friday 11 February 2022

Managing Project Procurement - relationships & monitoring

Controlling procurement is the process of managing procurement relationships, monitoring the execution of contracts, and implementing changes and taking corrective actions as needed. control of the procurement process is required by both the buyer and the seller to ensure that the seller's execution complies with the requirements of the contract and that the buyer can execute according to the terms of the contract.


1. key points of procurement unqualified control:

2. the basic requirements for procurement file management:

(1) identification of unqualified ports. the purchased equipment does not meet the requirements, specifications and standards stipulated in the procurement plan and the procurement contract, and is not a non-conforming product.

(2) after the purchase verification of the product is determined to be unqualified, the purchase should be handled in a timely manner: return, exchange, downgrade for other purposes (downgrade requires approval and filing).


(1) the archived procurement information documents should be complete, safe and confidential

(2) prevent the replacement, alteration, loss and damage of procurement information documents

(3) where suppliers' trade secrets are involved, they shall not be provided to the outside world without the permission of the procurement supervisor

(4) the procurement department shall manage, control and utilize the procurement information

(5) the data custodian of the procurement department shall keep the procurement information and materials in accordance with the regulations

note: the original procurement contract and the corresponding attachments shall be archived within 5 working days of the signing of the procurement contract.


3. there are three types of procurement file storage period: permanent, long-term (30 years) and short-term (10 years).


4. three conditions for purchasing into storage:

(1) inspection of qualified products filled in the "purchase inspection record sheet"

(2) the warehouse checks the accuracy of the corresponding items of the purchased equipment

(3) the waybill or certificate of arrival provided by the supplier



(1) contract change control system: a process system for modifying and controlling signed contracts. after the modification, it becomes "approved change request"

(2) procurement performance review: is a systematic, structured review, the buyer according to the contract to review the seller within the specified cost and schedule to complete the scope of the project and meet the quality requirements.

(3) inspection and audit: verify whether the seller's specific work results meet the requirements of the contract.

(4) report performance: evaluate the work performance data and work performance report provided by the interview, form work performance information, and report to the buyer's management.

(5) payment system: purchase payment system.


Controlling the procurement process is something that both buyers and sellers need. this process ensures that the seller's execution meets the needs of the contract and that the buyer can execute according to the terms of the contract. if there is a deviation in the execution of the contract, corrective action is required.

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