Tuesday 8 February 2022

Key tasks for closure of project

A project is a temporary work that creates a unique product, service, or achievement. the following activities can be referred to as projects:

1. develop new products.
2. plan to hold large-scale events (such as planning and organizing weddings, large-scale international conferences, etc.). ).
3. plan a road trip.
4. Planning consulting, development, implementation and training.

project parameters include project scope, quality, cost, time, and resources. every project has a start and end time. when the project ends, the entire project cycle is over. after the project is over, will the data pile up in the office and become a thing of the past? of course not.

Whenever a project is over, the closing of the project is crucial for the company. the closing process of the project has the following aspects

Establish closure procedures to confirm that all procurement contracts have been closed and meet the requirements. the product has been formally accepted and handed over. prepare the final report, update the project documents, summarize the lessons learned from the overall perspective of the project, file the celebration party to disband the team, and release resources

The following is a focus on summarizing the lessons learned from the project and disbanding the team!

01. Lessons learned

The project is over, what are the pits, what are the highlights, what are the deficiencies, what are the loopholes in the whole project process, and we need to summarize them together.

Now that the project is over, in retrospect, there will be good things to do in the whole project process, and there will be bad things to do. you may wish to sit around and talk about it one by one, for the parts that are done well, you still need to maintain them in the future, and for the parts that are not good enough, you can discuss how you can do better in the future.

Regular summarization and discussion is very helpful for the improvement of the whole team. maybe this kind of thinking is passive, but whether active or passive, everyone will recognize which practices are good, which practices are not good, how to do it in the future may be better, and so on.

But any summary is the right thing and the wrong person. this kind of problem may not be obvious in the good aspect, and for the bad part, some team members will be seated.

This requires the project manager to take a stand at the beginning of the meeting, and the ultimate purpose of this discussion is to make a summary, and for the unsatisfactory aspects of the project, the main focus is on how to avoid similar things in the future, rather than turning over old accounts.

The project manager finishes the opening, he can collect relevant information and write a summary report through the team members' complaints. indicate which places are doing well and where they are good. what places are not doing well, where are the bad, and what can be done in the future when encountering similar situations.

After each team member has finished speaking, the project manager organizes a document and keeps a copy of the corporate project history information. another copy was sent to all members of the team, which was a reflection of their experience and deservedly a souvenir.

02. The project team is disbanded

At the end of the project, after the lessons learned, the team is disbanded, and the team members must be appeased and placed.

if the project ends and the project manager or the company does not dare to ignore the team members, then who dares to engage in the project with you in the future, who dares to do the project again.

Now the project management of the enterprise is basically matrix management, the project is over, the team is dissolved, and the greater chance is to be reassigned to other projects.

The advantage of this is that people are fully utilized and resources are maximized. the disadvantage is that the person lacks a sense of belonging, lacks centripetal force.

So when the project is completed, the project manager as the leader must first calm the emotions of the team.

First of all, i would like to affirm everyone's efforts for the project. a person has no merit and hard work in the project, no hard work and fatigue, as long as they look for it, they will always find their shining point.

Talk about everyone's mental journey from entering the project team to the end of the project, and the growth experience.

The project is being completed and the membership is growing. as a project manager, you should see the growth trajectory of each member, and if you don't find it, or can't tell it, it means that the project manager is not capable.

Finally, looking forward to the future, we look forward to cooperation again in future projects.

This is a kind of reassurance for the team members (the team is disbanded), and it is also a kind of affirmation, your ability project manager has seen it, and will have the opportunity to cooperate with you.

The forms of appeasement can be various, eat a meal together, or engage in a team building, do not have to stick to the form.

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