Tuesday 8 February 2022

10 tips for doing a good job of finishing the project

Busy for several years, the project is finally about to end, at this time, all parties can not rush to withdraw, a number of things do not pay attention, there may be big trouble in the future, so we must be cautious and cautious. how to effectively organize and supervise the finishing work, take the real estate project as an example to see the necessary process of the finishing work.

1. Enter the closing state

in advance due to the multi-item acceptance content before the completion and acceptance of real estate, such as fire protection, elevator, strong power distribution, water supply, environmental protection, elevator, greening, etc., these acceptances are to be carried out by the relevant government departments, so the real estate project should enter the closing state in advance. under normal circumstances, it is necessary to enter the closing stage 3 to 4 months before the completion and acceptance of the planned project, and if the spring festival is encountered, it may be earlier.

2. Finishing work includes three major items

: entity finishing, data finishing, and engineering quantity confirmation.

3. The completion status of the project should be carried out before

the end of the day after determining the start of the closing stage, a comprehensive survey of the state of the completion of the project should be carried out in the week before the start date, and it is necessary to find out which projects have not been completed and which small items have not yet begun.
what projects are wrong to be changed or done wrong, and what are serious construction quality defects.

4. The final project status survey should include the following:

  1. The completion of the sub-project items of the project should be classified and summarized according to the contracting unit or even the team.
  2. Finished product protection and operation status of the completed sub-project. <
  3. Whether there are sub-items that have not started at all.
  4. The reason for the sub-items that have not been completed and have not started. is it difficult to purchase materials and insufficient materials? is there a shortage of workers in specialized jobs and a shortage of labor? is there insufficient special equipment and accessories? is there a lack of special construction tools or machinery? when certain reasons occur, consider changing the design drawings.
  5. do not ignore small items, such as garage doors, door locks, road teeth stones, door number installations and other small items. some small projects are difficult to find because special workers affect the follow-up process, so they cannot be ignored.
  6. do not underestimate the on-site cleanup, which is also an important project, and try to maintain a clean state after cleaning.
  7. closing of various corner parts. at the same time as counting the unsealed, it is necessary to find out the reasons for the uncollected, such as the project that has not been completed and cannot be closed, the simple closure is not done, and the subcontracting unit cannot do such as the blocking of the weak electricity gas pipe through the wall board pipe hole, the blank area of the construction contract, the intersection area or the ripping zone.

5. Pay attention to doing a good job in relations

with the contracting units some construction parties often quarrel with the construction party's on-site management personnel, the relationship is tense, and they also threaten to find other construction units to replace, but they do not know that this is difficult to achieve, and it is easy to cause contract disputes, and finally lose both. in project management, we must restrain the mouth of the on-site management personnel and do not talk nonsense. even if you really want to change the construction party, you have to do it unconsciously.

6. Formulate a work plan for the closure of the items the final work plan

should pay attention to distinguishing the finishing work from the cracks, leakages, etc., even if it is carried out at the same time, it is necessary to give priority to the completion of the project content.

the closing plan should adopt the method of elimination plan, stipulating the completion time one by one according to the unit, by part, and by building, and complete one elimination item by one.

7. Have a reserve labor force or construction team

because the design of real estate projects has become more and the unit price of the contract is low, the construction party always wants to negotiate with the construction party at the last minute to obtain compensation. if the construction party is not willing to give in or the construction party lion opens its mouth, then there must be a reserve construction team on top. this ensures that the project is completed and handed over on schedule.

8. Promote the closing project

through sub-acceptance, internal acceptance, and joint acceptance for example, through early elevator acceptance, fire control acceptance, and standardized acceptance to spur the construction party, you can also engage in several acceptances to promote the finishing work through special acceptance. in addition, organize the company's internal, joint supervision, construction party, and even organize four-party acceptance under the supervision of no quality supervision personnel. after each acceptance, the unfinished project content and the problems found in the inspection should be listed, and the completion time should be limited.

9. Special personnel to follow up

the work plan tasks to divide the work, send special personnel to keep an eye on and supervise.

10. immediately do a good job of engineering data and engineering quantity confirmation

engineering data must be completed before handing over the building, and the confirmation of engineering quantity is conducive to improving and ensuring the enthusiasm of workers.

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