Saturday 12 February 2022

Critical thinking of project managers

If you want to be a good project manager, you must change the way you think. this is especially important for friends who come from a technical background.

at the end of the dynasty, people thought that the heavenly dynasty was a barbarian in other countries. the result? the mourner humiliated the country and became a sick man himself. could it be that his own brain is not right? later, he also engaged in the foreign affairs movement, thinking that foreigners were just good tools, and others were inferior to us, and it was enough to master the skills of the master to control the yi. and the facts tell us that we are wrong about our feelings.

being a project manager with a technical background is like a  in the late  dynasty. the concept of technology first has penetrated deep into the bone marrow, saying that it is management, in fact, it is still regarded as a heavenly kingdom, management as a barbarian ugly, or just management as a tool to learn and learn. can this really be done well in project management?

moving from technology to management is a difficult subject. to successfully achieve this transformation, the change of behavior alone will not be done well, and it will even become an anti-dog. therefore, we must emphasize the change of way of thinking and the change of concept.

first of all, the object of management is not only the project, but also the people. this aspect needs to be clearly understood. don't disregard interpersonal relationships for the success of your project, and don't fight against the machine every day and forget about the living team members. this is why many pmp (certified project management specialist) project managers end up mixing up worse than people who can only slap the horse.

to take a simple example, almost every one of us has studied  for more than ten years, but if someone asks you: how is your ? nine times out of ten, the answer was: no. why? because our goal should be to communicate with people, not memorize grammar and memorize words to take the test. focus on the exam, will never be learned well, focus on understanding each other and let each other understand, the effect will be diametrically opposite. the same is true for management.

second, management is performed by others, not by oneself. this is fundamental. as a bottom manager, you can't be completely detached from execution, but remember that when you appear as an executor, you should perform tasks that no one else can replace. if it can be carried out by others, try not to execute it yourself. for example, morale boosting, team building, performance appraisal, these jobs are obviously not handed over to others to perform, and technical work is largely others can also do, then leave it to others to perform.

how can you do this, you can ask yourself two questions in turn: (1) should i do this? if you shouldn't do it yourself, then don't hesitate to ask yourself the next question: (2) who is right to do it? choose the most suitable executor and convince him. that's your management work.

again, management is to be done for others to see. that is, the target is the group, not the individual. tell two stories. one is quotient martingale. before the martingale changed the law, a large piece of wood was placed in the city, saying, "whoever can move the wood to the north gate will be rewarded." "as a result, someone went to move the wood, and the martingale also cashed in the bounty." one is sun wu. while training female soldiers, she killed two concubines of king  for serious military justice. the martingale bounty is not more money and idle, sun  killing is not his inner perversion, there is no personal grudge here, it is completely for others to see.

the ancients said: kill a hundred people, kill chickens to show monkeys; modern people often say: set an example, reward the advanced, engage in model models, etc., in fact, all mean the same thing. that is through individual flickering groups. therefore, the small favors and small actions offstage should be less engaged, that can not be on the table, if you want to do management, you must enlarge your vision a little, throw watermelon and pick up sesame seeds, don't do it, you have to put the whole group in.

as a project manager, if every move can meet the above standards, then in the direction is to go right, to go is the direction of management.

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