Tuesday 15 February 2022

6 Processes of project schedule management

The project progress management consists of the following six processes

Planning Schedule Management

Develop a schedule management plan that specifies how to carry out the other five processes of schedule management through the development of policies, procedures and documents, and provides guidelines and directions for how to manage project progress.


This process outputs a schedule management plan, including regulations, systems, and requirements, detailing how schedules are managed, usually including the following:

  • 1) project schedule model development (Gantt chart/burndown chart)
  • 2) schedule release length and iteration length
  • 3) accuracy, unit of measure, organizational program links, Project schedule model maintenance, control thresholds, report formats, process descriptions
  • 4) Performance measurement rules: rules for determining the percentage of completion, proposed earned value measurement techniques (benchmark method, fixed formula method, percentage completion method, etc.), schedule performance measurement indicators (SV, SPI)
  • define activities
  • identify the specific activities that must be carried out to complete the project, decompose the work package into activities (the work decomposition results, and only by decomposing the activities to be carried out to achieve the results can the resources be more accurately matched to the activities), as the basis for the estimation, scheduling, implementation, supervision and control of the project.
  • sequence of
  • activities records the relationships and sequences of activities and defines the logical order between activities for maximum efficiency under all established project constraints.
  • you typically use the single-code network diagram or double-code network diagram tools to arrange the order of activities.
  • estimate activity duration
  • estimate the time it takes to complete a single activity.
  • develop a schedule
  • the schedule is developed, that is, the schedule document, and the signed schedule is the progress benchmark of the project plan, which serves as the yardstick for the progress management of the entire project.


control schedule

control and manage project schedule schedules, baseline changes, update status, and maintain maintenance of schedule baselines throughout the project.

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