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What is the secret and pitfall of visualization in project management?

"Report phase" is indispensable for project management. in particular, reports often receive sudden requests, such as "tell us about the progress of the current project" or "report the status of issues at this stage in total, resolved, and unresolved classifications." people who have been able to organize information related to the project and practice "visualization" are able to respond accurately to those requests. (on the other hand, people who are not able to practice "visualization" are not able to correct reporting.) from this, you can see that "visualization" is important for project management.

from now on, in order to firmly implement project management, the importance of "visualization" and its secrets (what and how should we do it?). i would like to introduce the pitfalls that i want you to be careful about. please refer to it by all means!

what is the importance of visualization in project management?

the so-called "project", in which multiple people are involved in things and achieves the end goal, can proceed smoothly for the first time by implementing the following.

all participating members share their goals and goals stay on top of the changing landscape in order to implement these two, it is important to express it firmly as a visible expression. (what is not expressed in each individual's head is not understood by others、、、)

this is an important part of visualization, and it can be said that it is indispensable for the smooth progress of the project.

so what exactly should this "visualization" implement? i would like to explain specifically.

simply saying "visualization" doesn't just make everything visible. (the word visualization itself is abstract and not clear what to do, so it's hard to understand!) )

in "visualization", it is very important to express what you really want to show (see) as an expression, and it is considered that it is necessary to implement the following three.

express visually and easily using numbers, graphs, etc. eliminate ambiguous expressions and use accurate numbers, visually easy-to-understand graphs, and more to make the state of your project visible to everyone.

identify and share personal problems by sharing the whole of the events that are difficult to lead to resolution on an individual level, let's lead to new discoveries and lead to solutions.

share the overall way that can be improved by expanding to others let's increase efficiency and create results by developing new methods for better project management as a whole.


were you able to organize what you should do with "visualization" in the above contents? "visualization" is not enough, and uniform rules and mechanisms are also required to thoroughly judge and compare various events.

【specific examples】

what do you "visualize"? (settings for what you want to see)
how do you implement visualization? (consideration of hand-input and automatic processing of information)


how to share what you "visualized"? (e-mail, uploading information to the portal, etc.)

let's make sure that we can make the right decisions in addition to proceeding with the project by firmly understanding what should be done with visualization and considering the mechanism that supports it.

what should be "visualized" in project management?

so far, we have summarized the importance of visualization, points to be implemented, and problems that are easy to fall into. from now on, i would like to introduce what should be "visualized" in order to smoothly operate the actual project and the benefits it brings.


WBS can help you identify and organize specific tasks in your daily life. You can take measures against work omissions and forgetting.


you can plan work schedules and check progress. it enables easy planning support for leveling work and responding to delays.


You can clarify how much you will be charged for which process (or work). in addition, when there is a discrepancy between the initial planned cost and the actual cost, the details can be confirmed and used as basic information to respond to cost excesses.

quality it enables the clarification of issues and obstacles in performing work, and the preservation of correspondence records. in addition, it will be possible to prevent, improve, and suppress recurrence in the future from the records.

Enables you to share issues, requests, QA, etc. with project stakeholders.

Through unified management, we eliminate discrepancies between members and stabilize the level of responses to QA, etc. personnel enables you to understand and record the involvement of personnel in each task.

by managing the future situation, we assist in adjusting the load of personnel and planning increase and decrease.

by making it visible, it will be information that will greatly contribute to the operation of the project. please try to implement "visualization" from the above six perspectives.

what are the pitfalls of visualization?

if we actually start working on visualization, there are pitfalls that everyone will fall. in order not to fall into the pitfalls, let's pay close attention before "visualization".

don't stick to "visualized" numbers alone in project management, there will be a lot of information that is expressed as a numerical value for those that "visualize". this information is important for the smooth running of the project, but since there is a lot of information that should be "visualized" for information other than numerical values, it is important to make a decision without divulge such information. (information that is "visualized" other than numerical values often supports the project.) )

【specific examples】


the current feelings of the customer awareness of members in the project "visualization" is not the final goal.

if you stick to "visualization" and proceed with the work, you tend to be caught up in the illusion that it is a goal. visualization is just one of the necessary ways to keep your project running smoothly. (the goal is to make the project go smoothly and succeed!) let's always put that in mind and try to carry out the work.

"visualization" does not make itself a ruin in order to "visualize" various information, it is often devised, but making it a meaningless ruin is also one of the pitfalls that are easy to fall into when "visualization". let's implement "visualization" that does not become a ruin without forgetting the purpose firmly.


i think that there are various pitfalls besides described. let's proceed with "visualization" firmly without getting caught in them and proceed with the project smoothly.

let's use software for "visualization"!

The visualization task we've seen so far isn't an easy task, but there's some useful software to help. From here, I would like to introduce our software, SI Object Browser PM (abbreviated as PM), which will help you with the task.

integrated management of what should be "visualized"

PM provides centralized management of information that should be visualized in project management. This is the biggest advantage that PM is an integrated project management tool. (Everything can be managed within the same foundation without dividing the tools.) )

"managing project examples"PM

in the management menu, you can quickly grasp the progress and issues of the project by evm and reports, and the profitability of the project can be grasped at the breakdown level of costs by month.

by utilizing the integrated project management tool PM, we believe that we can solve difficult problems of "visualization" and proceed smoothly with the project.

Summary of implementation of "visualization"

How was it? i would like to recap the last thing i've introduced. two important things to "visualize" project management

all participating members share their goals and goals stay on top of the changing landscape the secrets of visualization are as follows.

represent what you really want to show (see) as an expression ・ express visually in an easy-to-understand manner using numbers and graphs ・ share problems that individuals have and methods that are expected to be improved by expansion build a solid structure in the process of mastering the secrets, be aware of the pitfalls and act consciously.

in addition, we introduced our PM as software to promote this "visualization" and support project management. let's aim to be a project manager who can carry out "visualization" firmly and proceed smoothly with the project!

we hope that the contents introduced this time will help your work and you will be interested in the PM of our package.

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