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Using Project Management Tools

Project management tools are tools for efficiently managing projects and tasks that are difficult only by sharing Excel files and communicating face-to-face. Since it does not create deficit projects, it is used for various purposes such as to level the work burden of project members in order to always be aware of profitability.

this time, i would like to introduce and compare 23 such project management tools by purpose.

Project management tools

SI Object Browser PM

The "Project Management Body of Knowledge(PMBOK)"guide is also the source of project management. SI Object Browser PM is the first PMBOK-compliant product in Japan. PMBOK has 10 knowledge areas, 5 processes, and 3 parts to implement project management in detail.

SI Object Browser PM is a project management tool that covers all of them and is packed with the know-how to make your project a success. It is an integrated project management tool that has the functions necessary for project management, focusing on cost management, progress management, personnel management, and quality control.


a project management tool dedicated to backlog management that allows you to better manage the leftovers of tasks. as you progress through the project, it won't go as planned, so you'll be able to create leftover tasks. these tasks must be handled by looking at each other in between projects.

Agilefant manages the backlog to properly manage leftover tasks and ensure a smooth project progression.


it features a simple and intuitive design, and is a project management tool that can be used immediately by all team members, including developers and designers. users are mainly web production, software development, major advertising agencies, and national newspapers.


a tool that centrally manages large volumes of illustrations, videos, photos, advertisements, and documents to manage deliverables. streamline deliverable management by adding comments to shared deliverables and getting immediate feedback.

Genie Frame

it is a project management tool that centrally manages all the elements necessary for messages, images, tasks, files, meetings, and project management in one window. it also reduces communication costs by allowing you to see what your members are doing at a glance.

GroupCamp Project

it's a project management tool that allows you to execute simple projects, allowing you to share project files and combine them into one place. you can also enter budgets and notifications, enter actual working hours in projects, and track project profitability in real time.


it is an it tool for the purpose of project progress management, and it is a product that shares work requests, progress, and history between work consignors and trustees, and reliably manages requests from clients to the end. it is effective for companies such as maintenance of facilities and equipment, software, it service support, etc., and companies in business categories that outsource and entrust requirements that require medium- to short-term delivery time and scheduling.


it is a project management tool that can be easily registered man-hours with intuitive operation by dragging and dropping, has many convenient functions such as copy and automatic calculation for the previous day, and can be registered quickly. since cost accounting is also possible, you can manage the project with an awareness of the profitability.


It is a free task management tool used by more than 130,000 users. It is an IT tool that can be used enough for free, but by contracting a paid plan, you can use Gantt charts and expand the range of task management.


project management and task management tools that facilitate task management for multiple projects and projects, and visualize day-to-day operations. on the top page, you can see both the project list and the task list, making it clear what needs to be done each time.


An open source project management tool. It can manage tasks, manage progress, and share information, and is used for a wide range of applications due to its high versatility, including IT projects such as software development and website production. However, high technology is also required for use.



it is a free task management tool used by more than 1,000 users worldwide. easily organize and prioritize tasks and projects to make it clear what to do next and efficiently allocate resources. if you sign up for a paid plan, you can also use automatic backup of your data.

The success or failure of choosing a project management tool changes!

The success or failure of a project depends not only on the workmanship of the pm (project manager), but also on which project management tool you are currently using. manage your entire project and make your project a success by choosing a comprehensive project management tool that can efficiently manage the four main elements of people, goods, money, and information.

what is the purpose of implementing a project management tool?

we've thoroughly compared project management tools by purpose, but what do you want to do in the first place?

if there is no purpose, the tool will not be introduced, but in fact, many companies have failed to implement it because they have considered the project management tool without clarifying the purpose. so what are the cases for introducing it? now let's list it according to the purpose of the project management tool.

The current scope of the project management tool?

it seems that there are many cases where "time-time entry and cost management system are built company-wide". since there is a mechanism that can grasp man-hours forecasting, profitability, and cost, i want to strengthen other places! the scope of consideration is "the scope of today's project management". these days, project management tools often refer to this range. based on this assumption, we will introduce the introduction of project management tools by purpose.

1) i want to share information with customers

This is the case if you want to share issue management and QA with customers in the cloud. Since it is laborious and error-prone to communicate with Excel or e-mail, customers enter issues and questions into cloud services, share them with IT vendors, and deepen communication to reduce challenges and questions. There are more cases where "I want you to use this cloud service" as specified by the customer, and in that case, it is a customer request, so it will be necessary for IT vendors to comply.

2) i want to manage the task progress of the project

Although man-hours forecasting, profitability, and cost management are made, there are many cases where you are troubled because you do not know the progress of the work tasks of each project, and want to stop tracking progress with Excel. This is a challenge for many companies, but the choice of project management tools can vary greatly depending on the two patterns.

The first pattern is for a "single project" (or a few projects in its own department). In this case, it is good to know the progress of the project work in your department, so it is perfect to have a ticket management tool that issues a ticket for the work task and reports the progress by the ticket.

The second is a pattern to consider in company-wide projects. In this case, even if project progress management is done by scale, it may be hundreds of projects, so instead of managing with detailed tickets, you have to choose one that can grasp the progress of the entire project company by using Gantt chart and can manage detailed tasks by project.

There are many patterns of departmental development of ticket management and company-wide development of progress management using Gantt

3) i want to strengthen quality control by purpose

This is the purpose when you want to introduce project management tools to improve QCD (quality, cost, progress) Q = Quality Enhancement. Since the purpose is clearly enhanced with quality control, it is easy to introduce.

For example, we will integrate failure management and change configuration management, perform bug management and version management, introduce project management tools such as the number of test management failures, test cases and results management, etc. It is difficult to introduce quality control tools for company-wide implementation, but I think it is easy to introduce departments.

4) i want to manage projects that combine man-hours management and profitability and cost management

This case is intended to implement a project management tool that changes significantly from the assumptions described above. The main scope of "modern project management tools" is progress management, work task management, problem management and communication management, quality control, etc., but when man-hours management and profitability and cost management enter here, the scope of examination becomes very wide. Not only the development department, but also the accounting department and the PMO and quality control department will be included in the examination team.

However, in this way, it is natural to want to look at "man-hours, profitability, cost management", "progress management / Gantt chart", "quality control", and "personnel and resource management" in an integrated manner. Many customers said, "Once we had sorted out what they wanted to do, it was to integrate various project management methods."

For example, a project generates man-hours and costs only after the progress of work and deliverables.
If you look at progress, man-hours, and costs separately, you will not be able to accurately manage projects. Project management tool: integrates man-hours and cost management and progress management, allowing you to see the project profitability table in one piece, and you can visually manage cost and progress forecasts with evm graphs. If your goal is to "manage projects that look at costs, progress, quality, and people together," you should consider an integrated type of project management tool.

if you look at it by purpose like this, there are various project management tools, and each has its own goodness. if you want to proceed with the introduction of the department because it is difficult to introduce the entire company, it is better to start with 1, 2, and 3 for each purpose. but what project management do you really want to do? what kind of project management tools can solve problems in your company? i think it is important to thoroughly organize the project management tools and consider them after they have a purpose.

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