Monday 24 January 2022

Think for project management as a systems

When it comes to project management, it is often referred to as "tool" rather than "system". Our SI Object Browser PM (PM) is also proposing to customers as a project management tool.

After examining the meaning of the tool and the system again, the tool is software that provides an auxiliary convenience when using a computer. A system is a whole of cohesion and mechanics consisting of elements that affect each other. Because it is a concept with a high generality, it corresponds to various words such as system, system, system, system, method, mechanism, organization, etc. depending on the context. (Both quoted from Wikipedia)

If project management does not go well and the delivery time is delayed, it will be a nuisance to customers. In addition, since the delivery date is not in time, if people are introduced more and more with the authority of PM and PL, it will become a deficit before you know it, and there is a possibility that it will have a big impact on company management. In addition, it is necessary to manage various items such as cost, progress, and quality in project management. If you think about it as such, when introducing project management tools, it is necessary to consider project management system as indispensable as a core system, thinking about such as a project management system.

points to consider when implementing a project management system

each company has various points when introducing project management tools and considering them as a project management system, but there are often two main points.

is cost control firmly?

project management is important enough to manage (and perhaps beyond) from start to finish. instead of reviewing the initial budget with priority on delivery time, when we introduced employees and subcontractor and approached the end of the month, it was suddenly a deficit project. it is very important to be able to understand the profitability situation in real time and to be able to grasp the outlook.

  • Can project income and expenditure management be grasped in real time?
  • Is it possible to manage not only completion standards but also progress standards?
  • Can I severe?
  • Is it possible to manage man-hours performance and subcontracting companies?
  • Is it possible to link with accounting systems such as journal data?
  • Can you summarize related projects and check the profitability status?
  • Is it possible to grasp the situation by aggregated not only by individual projects but also by departments and companies?

can you keep track of your progress?

tracking is also an important management item. administrators are struggling to grasp the situation because they often leave it to the field and use arbitrary tools. as with cost control, i hear that there are many times when delays occur suddenly even though the previous report reported that it was going well. the key point is not only the overall status of the project, but also the ability to easily review the schedule by grasping the exact situation such as which tasks are delayed and where the bottleneck is.

  • Can you see the progress at some point at the moment?
  • Can it be narrowed down by person or period?
  • Can related lines, lightning lines, milestones and forecast lines be displayed?
  • Can it be output to printing or EXCEL in order to interact with customers?
  • Can you summarize related projects and check the progress?
  • Is it possible to grasp the situation by aggregated not only by individual projects but also by departments and companies?

the above two points are overwhelmingly mentioned, but the next point when considering the project management system is personnel management. although we start by creating a resource plan (planned) for each project, there are overwhelmingly many cases where the man-hours input (actual) of the actual performance is reported in the system and the company system, excel, and personal daily report separately from attendance. since the resource plan (planned) and the man-hours input (actual) are separate, the department manager will create the excel management table by himself while checking each. of course, it is also troublesome to create, but when there is a change, it takes time and effort to make corrections and can not be managed, and after all, it is not possible to grasp the exact situation because it becomes while listening to the situation to each member. if you can accurately manage personnel, it may be that you did not have to come to the subcontracting destination, so this is also an important point when considering.

in addition, in order to utilize the data aggregated in the project management system, it is also important to know how well it can be linked with core systems such as accounting, sales, expenses, attendance and man-hours systems, internal masters, etc.

benefits of systematizing project management

what are the benefits of implementing and systematizing project management tools? here are some typical examples:

understanding the status of the project: visualization

departments, departments, teams, or projects can't get instant visibility into the situation if the tools used for project management fall apart. in addition, the tools are different, making it difficult to see what each project reports with the same metrics.

if project management tools can be introduced and systematized, field users can enter the status of the project there, and pm/pl can grasp, manage, and report the situation based on reports from the field. department heads, pdos, and management can instantly see the status of company-wide projects with the same indicators, such as projects with high urgency and large contract amounts. it is also possible to take a move first because it is possible to grasp the signs before the problem that was difficult to understand until now.

integrated project management

in project management, there are many more management items if you look closely at cost management, progress management, personnel management, risk management, problem management, quality control, and failure management.

Examples actually heard at the proposal destination include cost management: in-house development system, progress management: EXCEL, MSProject, personnel management: EXCEL, issue management: EXCEL, Backlog, Redmain, etc. Even if it is said that the report itself is unified and managed in a company-wide format, the tools and methods managed in the field are different, so time and effort for grasping and summarising the situation will be wasted.

if project management tools can be introduced and systematized, the items necessary for project management can be integrate-dally managed as described above, and the situation can be grasped immediately, and since the tools are systemized with one and management items are linked, unnecessary aggregation, double input, and reporting can be realized.

standardization of project management

project personnel can register projects in the same tool and manage costs, progress, issues, obstacles, and personnel, so that the status and know-how of the project can be shared across the company, so standardization can be realized.

one of the most common challenges in project management is that you become a person, such as not knowing unless you ask mr. ◯◯, or you can do it without mr. ◯◯. i also hear that recently, it is not possible to share skills and information between veterans and young people.

one way to solve these problems is to systematize project management, so information about the project will be aggregated, so you will never have to say that only ◯◯ knows.

In addition, know-how is accumulated, so veteran PM/PL and young people can share similar project plans,WBS,estimates, and risks. Of course, it is possible not only to share know-how by departments, but also to share know-how throughout the company to raise the level of project management, improve quality, reduce deficit projects, and increase successful projects.

project management systems and rules are also established according to systematization

just because you introduce a project management system doesn't mean everything will go well, but it's also very important to know how to operate and manage the system. of course, i think that there are many companies that have a good system and operation even if they are not systematized, but most companies greatly review the company-wide system and rules after introducing project management tools and trying to systematize them.

in terms of operation, we study project management to reform our awareness, and review check items, reports, deliverables, etc. from the start-up to the end of the project. in terms of the system, we will introduce measures to make better use of operations and tools, such as quality control, the launch of pmo, and the establishment of quality control personnel in each department.

by systematizing project management and advancing initiatives as a whole, it is expected to become more established, utilized, and achieve greater effects than expected.

increase successful projects with a project management system

there are limits to project management using personal methods and unifying tools. in order for a company to achieve profit margin improvement, quality improvement, productivity improvement, and aim for growth, it is essential to introduce project management tools and systematize them.

To introduce a little bit, if you introduce our project management tool "SI Object Browser PM", you can it is a project management tool that integrates functions necessary for project management such as cost management, progress management, personnel management, problem management, and quality control. In addition to individual project management, management and department heads can instantly check the profitability and progress of the entire company and department. 


There are also template functions such as WBS and quality items called domains, so you can share know-how with your organization to achieve standardization of project management. It is a recommended tool for companies aiming to systematize project management.

of course, it is important to select a product that suits your company, so let's compare it with various products, systematize project management, and increase the number of successful projects.

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