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Resume for Project Manager - Sample Data


Project management is a field of education that has become widespread in recent years. Specialists with knowledge in the field of international certification, who are able to write a business plan and make all the calculations, are welcome in many large companies.


A project manager is an employee who manages the project from the moment of its development to delivery to the direct customer.

Projects can be both internal and external. Internal include those related to the introduction of innovations in the company or making changes to existing processes. An example of an internal one is the project of re-equipment of the retail space of a hypermarket.

External projects are those that are customer-oriented. Having received all the necessary data, having conducted all discussions with the client, the team ensures the fulfillment of all agreed conditions.


The management function is the most responsible. The project manager needs to monitor the implementation of all conditions and requirements, communicate with the client and the team. The responsibilities of management are often of a material nature. And in case of failure of the project, it takes a lot of time to restore the reputation.

Sending a resume to a vacancy, the project manager must understand whether he meets the requirements that are imposed on the candidate. Depending on the experience and skills, the candidate may not be suitable for the employer.

The resume of the project manager without experience is rarely considered by the employer. The risks that arise in the company when cooperating with a candidate without experience are too great.


The manager performs work related to different areas. In order for the case to have 100% success as a result, you need:

  • find out the composition of the work that is necessary for the development and further conduct of the case;
  • determine the relationship between employees, distribute their production roles;
  • identify a critical path;
  • place critical dots and monitor the changes taking place on them;
  • calculate the amount of time it takes to complete.
  • analyze deviations;
  • identify management and participants in the process who are authorized to exercise control;
  • control the process of preparing documents for implementation;
  • collect, analyze, store information about the project;
  • adjust the plan.

Additional activities

In addition, the project manager must deal with a number of issues that require high personal and professional qualities from him.

  • Personnel activities: team selection, motivation.
  • Budgeting: development and control of the project budget.
  • Scheduling: Depending on checkpoints.
  • Reporting: as planned.
  • Development of documents: reporting, plans, reconciliations.
  • resume of the project manager sample


The resume of the project manager should be concise, clear. Mistakes, incorrect wording characterize the candidate from the bad side.

Vacancy in the company

The need for a company to find a project manager leads to the fact that the HR manager needs to find an example of a project manager resume that will serve as a model for developing the profile of the necessary candidate.

Sample resume

Period of work



2002 - 20011

"Building Systems of Moscow"/Project Manager

  • participation in a major investment project;
  • implementation of financial, technical, legal documentation;
  • analysis of key events;
  • interaction with technical, legal, financial services on the implementation of the project;
  • changes in the design solution associated with an increase in the attractiveness of the project;
  • conducting tenders;
  • acceptance of objects for rent.

Result: 3 new residential quarters were built, 7 14-storey buildings each. The projects were handed over 3 months ahead of schedule at least without loss of quality.

2011 to 2012

Solar Systems/Project Manager

  • development of a business plan for investors;
  • search for a location for the installation of the necessary equipment (22 wind generators);
  • negotiating with suppliers;
  • selection of a team of installers;
  • distribution of roles in the team, quality control.

Result: 22 electric generators were commissioned ahead of schedule.

resume of the project manager in construction

Looking at this summary of the project manager, we see that the candidate is result-oriented (information about this is highlighted in each block). In addition, the responsibilities at work are listed in detail, which makes it possible to make the right first impression of the applicant. The resume of the project manager in construction must contain a list of objects that have been commissioned, the terms that were given for construction. The best option would be to get recommendations for the candidate from the previous management.

You can consider another resume of the project manager. A sample is provided below.

Sample Resume

Name: Gobbar Gammer

Date of birth: 03.04.1975

Period of work: 01.2011 – present.

Company: Kutchi Thor inc

Field of activity: construction of civil and industrial facilities.

Position: Project Manager/Project Manager.


  • supervision of the project from development to delivery;
  • budgeting, identifying and finding the necessary resources;
  • team formation, placement of personnel;
  • communication with the client, conducting inspections;
  • coordination of specialists who are involved in the project.



  • budget savings of 15%;
  • delivery of the project 6 months ahead of schedule.

Personal qualities: responsibility, dedication, multitasking, leadership.

The resume shows that the candidate indicated only one place of work, but painted it in detail. The recruiter will need to clarify where the applicant worked before.

Social projects

A social project is a series of actions and activities that are aimed at minimizing, preventing or solving problems caused by a lack of adaptation or socialization.

example of a project manager's resume
Social projects are directly related to human life, family, society.

Such a project must meet several conditions.

  • The question raised in the draft should concern everyone who learns about it.
  • The goal of the project should be clearly stated.
  • The idea must be interesting. A predetermined sequence of actions will allow the project to become more relevant.
  • Implementation should be carried out using a minimum of funds.
  • Deadlines should be tight.
  • Qualitative and quantitative indicators for which the assessment is carried out should be developed before the launch of the project.
  • Active social advertising is needed, which will inform the population about the essence of the problem raised.

When sending a resume, the project manager in the social sphere should indicate in which programs he participated, what the results were, whether there was a response from the population.

Resume of the head of the social project

Each project in the social sphere consists of several sections, the management of which ensures its effectiveness.

The resume of the head of the social project (sample below) will necessarily contain items responsible for planning, setting goals and objectives, activities in the project. The items that describe the evaluation of the completed activity, as well as the evaluation criteria, are fundamental to the consideration of the summary.

Resume of the head of the social project
2008 - 2009 Administration.

Position: Head of social project.

Objectives: opening of a school and two preparatory groups.


  • defining the purpose for the opening of educational institutions;
  • setting a task for project employees;
  • budget development;
  • control of budget spending;
  • control of the project team (72 people, including builders and installers);
  • checkpoint checking.


Results: the project was completed on time. There were additional 250 training places for schoolchildren and 35 places in the preparatory groups of the kindergarten.

resume of the head of the social project sample

A sample resume of the head of a social project shows that the candidate has not only experience in the necessary industry, but can also lead a team of more than 50 people.

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