Friday 31 December 2021

Who will plan the project?

Who should be responsible for the preparation of the project management plan.


The project manager is responsible Although the various components of the project management plan may be prepared by some experts on the project team or collectively by the project management team, the person responsible is the project manager.

Who should control project planning?

A Project Manager B Project Member C Function Manager D Project Manager's boss.


A preparation is by a certain number of years of service, qualified construction staff, engineers, etc. , but the overall project control is the responsibility of the project manager, including project planning control.

Project quality plan should be prepared by whom.


According to the regulations, the construction project quality plan should be prepared by the project manager organization, reported to the relevant departments of the enterprise for approval, by the project supervision body for approval. 

The actual project is generally organized by the construction unit project technical person in charge of the organization.

What does it mean to plan for a project? What does it include?

(l) Project master plan (including scope plan, scope definition, activity definition, resource requirements, resource plan, activity sorting, cost estimation, schedule, and expense plan). (2) Project support plan (quality plan, communication plan, human resources plan, risk plan, procurement plan, etc.).

What is included in the project plan?

Content of project planning: 1. Scope plan, which defines the scope of all necessary work and activities of the project, further clarifies the project objectives and key deliverables on the basis of clear project constraints and assumptions. The scope plan of the project is an important document basis for future project implementation.2. Work plan, its...

Develop a project management plan, which ones are included?

(1) project background. For example, project name, customer name, business purpose of project, etc. (2) Project manager, project manager's supervisor leader, account contact, account leader, project leadership team (i.e. project management team) and project implementation team personnel. (3) The overall technical solution of the project. (4) Project management team into...

What needs to be done during the project planning phase?

Project planning: 1, the project to carry out preliminary investigation, collect and collate relevant information, the development of a preliminary project feasibility study report for decision -making level to provide advice. Coordinate with the development and declaration of project report materials.2, the project analysis and demand planning. 3, the project components or modules for a complete system design.4, system ...

What are the main elements of the project plan?

A good project plan is the premise of project implementation, which runs through the whole project activity and is the guarantee of the rapid and effective realization of project objectives. The preparation of work plan can clarify which work in the project by whom to complete, how much time and cost to complete, thereby reducing the blindness of the work, the project team can be more reasonable and effective arrangement of human, material, financial ...

Who proposed the construction project materials plan?

This has the owner unit plan, has the project department plan and the construction unit plan. The macro plan, that is, the master plan is issued by the owner unit. Then, the project always according to the master plan to develop the project department's plan, and then the construction unit put forward a specific construction plan.

The project proposal mainly has several aspects - : a project proposal should include the following aspects: 1, cover page This is the part that is easy to overlook. There are many institutions that think content is more important than form. In fact, form can better express the content. In addition, the project proposal is also a very important window for the funding agencies to understand and understand us, to behave professionally

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