Friday 31 December 2021

Where is the rising space for senior project managers?

All said that the project manager pressure, rising difficulties, many senior project managers in the later stages feel "insufficient motivation", clearly has been working very hard, why the more difficult to get breakthrough achievements? seeing the older you get older, the position stops.

The project manager "stressed, difficult to rise, many senior project managers in the later stages are feeling "insufficient motivation", clearly has been working very hard, why the more difficult it is to achieve breakthrough achievements? seeing the older you get older, the position stops.

After talking to some senior project directors, i found out why project managers are experiencing these obstacles:

What is the project

what is the problem to be solved?

what is the project, what exactly is it, who is proposing it, and what is the purpose of solving the problem.

in the domestic many customers are very immature situation, do not according to the name of the project to imagine the project's objectives.

a project called office automation is likely to find out a month after you enter that the customer actually needs a computer production management auxiliary information system. the more detailed the work of understanding the situation in advance, the less surprise there is later, and the less risky the project is.

Comb through the stakeholders involved in the project

What aspects of the project are involved, such as investors, specific business stakeholders, operators after the completion of the project, technical supervisors, etc.

In addition to the complex structure of the owner's units, many other units will also be involved, such as project supervision companies, the owners' industry authorities and so on.

The project manager needs to understand what people in each area think and expect about the project. understanding the views and expectations of all sides in advance allows you to analyze who will support you in what areas and who will oppose you for what purpose when you run into problems with your project.

There are no forever friends, no forever enemies, only consistent interests, this sentence as a project manager must be remembered.

Understand the company's attitude towards the project

Basic understanding of the customer's situation, the following thing is to understand their own company's views on this project.

The first is whether senior leaders value it, which determines whether the company will provide the strongest support you can when you need resources.

The leader is definitely saying yes, what you need to do is understand the company's actual expectations of the project, want to make the project bigger or bigger or want to make money? the company leader's attitude toward the project determines your strategy for the project, and this strategic approach will have a direct impact on your project plan.

Calculate the resources at hand before the project begins

Before you plan your overall project, make a rough calculation of the resources you have.

First of all, time, now the market competition is fierce, often many projects require in the almost impossible time frame to complete. for this, you should take this into account when you are working on the risk control plan for your project.

The second is the personnel, based on the project budget and past experience, to roughly calculate how many roles there are in the future project team, whether each role is currently in the company, whether it can be fully used by the project.

Finally, some equipment preparation, the project needs large key equipment to be booked as soon as possible, no matter what happens in the future equipment and other equipment or people, waste is your time;

Start making the project description


It's time to do the project manual, a good project description not only describes exactly what will be done (primarily what to do, not how to do it), but also explains how to check it thoroughly.

Where is the rising space for senior project managers?

That is, it not only says what to do, but also lets the customer's business people (who generally don't know the technology) know what the project is going to do. simply put, the project description describes what the project does and how well each thing is done, and how to examine each result.


Is the master plan time coming?

Is it time to make the master plan?

No, you now know the customer's goals and the resources at hand, so before you can plan, you need to fully communicate with your manager and customer about resource issues.

Because many resources are not clear, you need to write a report that analyzes the risks of this project and the need for resources.

What will happen if some problems are not resolved? If resources are not sufficient, change strategies at the top and increase investment in the project. even when conditions permit, some companies will abandon the project.

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