Friday 31 December 2021

What is the significance of the project return visit?

Engineering quality warranty is a kind of after-sales service method, is the < construction law> and < construction project quality management regulations > the contractor's quality responsibility. return visit warranty has the following significance:

(1) is conducive to project managers to attach importance to project management, improve the quality of the project, reduce repair tasks;
(2) is conducive to the contractor to listen to the views of users, fulfill the return visit warranty commitments, improve the quality of the project;
(3) it is beneficial to improve the service mode and enhance the user's trust in the contractor. contractors write user service cards, instruction manuals, maintenance services and other information to give to users, not only convenient for users to use and maintain, but also set up a good corporate image for user service.

The way and main content of the project return visit

Return visit mode 1, telephone inquiry, meeting discussion, six months or a year of routine return visit .2, summer key return visit roof and waterproof engineering and air conditioning engineering, wall waterproofing, winter key return visit heating project .3, new materials used in the construction process, new technology, new engineering, new equipment engineering, return visit effect or technical status .4, special

The meaning of customer return visit - : customer return visit is used by enterprises to carry out product or service satisfaction survey, customer consumption behavior survey, customer maintenance of the common method, because customer return visit will often be more interactive communication with customers, but also to improve the customer database, for further cross-selling, upward sales preparation, serious planning is particularly

The significance of the return visit to the concrete pouring completion site: the pump pipe hole reserved before the floor should be to facilitate the construction of concrete pipeline structure after the completion of construction to see if the secondary structure is used, if not used that can be blocked

Why do you plan your customer's return visit? 


In the course of the service, we will often find that after the customer has purchased our product once, the customer seems to disappear and will never appear here again. why is this happening? are our products and services not satisfied with our customers? maybe at the time the customer bought...

What is an engineering quality return visit record?

Thank you! : Return visit record is the quality and safety issues left over from the previous inspection project return visit inspection.

What are the main forms of engineering return visit:

1) routine return visit. generally in the form of telephone inquiries and talks, semi-annual or annual, to understand the daily use and user comments; return visit before the expiration of the warranty period, the item warranty summary, to the user account maintenance and use matters .2) seasonal return visit. return visits to roofing and drainage works, refrigeration works, ventilation works during the rainy season; winter return visit boiler room and heating works, timely solution of the quality defects occurred.3) technical return visit. mainly understand the use of new materials, new technologies, new processes, new equipment in the construction process of the project, return to its use of the effect and technical performance, status, in order to solve the existing problems in a timely manner, but also sum up experience, put forward the basis for improvement and promotion.

What are the ways in which engineering projects are returned?

- : seasonal return visits

technical return visits what is the purpose of the customer's return visit? : for customer return visit, first of all you have to understand your customer's basic information, choose the time to call, identify, and then open the topic, say the advantages of your product, while paying attention to listen to what the other person said, to avoid the past phone call caused harassment.

What is the role of the customer return visit system? :

The company should establish a customer return visit system, the risk customer return visit volume, return visit type, return visit content, problem disposal process, problem resolution ratio, return visit statistical analysis and feedback, return visit results file, return visit quality supervision and assessment methods, etc.

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