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The economic plan of the project



What is the main content of the project plan - : The main content is from the beginning to the end of the project, the main construction process, the time spent on the process, as well as different professional interspersed construction process. Use a simple engineering example: earth moving excavation (groove), trenching, basic construction, main construction (beam column, reinforced template concrete), internal and external wall masonry, interior and exterior wall plastering, interior decoration, roof waterproof, exterior paint (stone), outdoor pipe network, road, completion acceptance, handover. Among them, plumbing, electrical, fire and so on need to be in the main construction, masonry, decoration and so on interspersed. Reference:

How is the project economic plan developed?


The project internal control cost determination is based on the project's target profit, the project department should be based on the enterprise's operating objectives and combined with the actual on-site and market inquiry to predict the project's target profit, on this basis to work out the project's economic plan.

(1) It's true... The role of project cost planning - : In the process of project cost formation, guide, supervise, adjust and limit the human resources, material resources and expenses consumed by production and operation, correct the deviations that will occur and have already occurred in time, control the production costs within the scope of planned costs, and ensure the realization of cost objectives.

The purpose of cost control of construction project is to reduce project cost and improve economic efficiency. The aim is to reduce the cost of the project and improve economic efficiency. However, the reduction of project cost, in addition to controlling cost expenditure, must also increase the project budget revenue. Because only by increasing revenue while saving expenditure can we improve the reduction level of construction project cost.
Principles of project planning - 1, the principle of comprehensive project management planning (1) rationality The rationality of the plan mainly refers to all the information and data based on the environmental analysis of the project.

In the process of project implementation, we must pay attention to the relationship between project implementation and environment. (2) Overall optimization principles The project planning process should address...

Construction Economy - 1. Construction Economy is the selective and creative application of scientific knowledge gained from scientific research, production practice and experience to the most effective economic and social activities that use natural resources, human support and other resources to meet people's needs.2, Engineering Cost Management Knowledge and Engineering Cost Indeed...

What is the relationship between engineering project resource planning and cost planning?

Human resources, materials, engineering equipment, construction machinery, construction technology and capital are construction resources in mechanical and electrical engineering. The sum of all expenses incurred in the construction process is the construction cost of mechanical and electrical engineering projects, which is divided into labor, materials, machinery and enterprise management fees according to the cost composition. Human resources, construction machinery multiplied by time...

What is the indicator of engineering economy and what is the factor:

(C construction schedule) is the main basis for controlling the project and total duration of each sub-project?

A technical and economic indicators; B construction plan; C Construction schedule D construction floor plan Is there any requirement for the annual plan of fixed asset investment project for construction projects? : The annual plan of fixed asset investment projects of the project mainly includes: 1, the construction of unit projects belongs to the national capital construction category, is the fixed asset investment of the national economy; Fixed asset investment can be divided into productive investment and non-productive investment.

Where fixed assets must be included in the national plan, the construction investment of the unit project shall not be carried out without a fixed asset investment license. Therefore, the construction unit should, before starting work, request the construction documents approved by the construction unit, that is, the plan documents, the purpose is to explain that the project is approved by the superiors, not disorderly construction.3, the capital supporting documents are for fixed asset investment license (investment approval) before or after an emergency or supplementary document, its contents and procedures are similar to investment approval.

Project template of the project proposal - First, the project overview (1) Project name (2) The project contractor (3) the project report writing unit (4) the project department in charge (5) the content, scale and objectives of the project construction site Second, establish a conclusion of the project product market (2) Project raw material supply (3) Project policy...

The main basis for the preparation of the construction cost plan is construction cost plan is an important link in the cost control of construction projects and a guiding document for realizing the task of reducing construction cost. If the cost plan prepared for the construction project does not meet the target cost requirements, it is necessary to organize the construction project management team to re-examine the ways to reduce costs, re-establishment.

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