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The characteristics of a person with strong execution

Executive power is the ability of organizations at all levels to put strategies into practice, reflecting the degree to which strategic programmes and objectives are implemented.

how do i pick someone who's executive? if an enterprise wants to have good execution power, it needs to find someone who has executive power. how do i find someone who's executive? the author refers to many books, studies a lot of cases, combined with the understanding of the work, concluded that: we can examine a person's executive power from the following nine aspects.

Automatic spontaneity

In addition to a person will do or far from enough, but also have the will to work (motivation), that is, to automatically spontaneous. the so-called automatic spontaneity is not a slogan a movement, but to give full play to the subjective initiative and responsibility, after receiving the job should make every effort and try every means to do a good job. 


A person's life can not always be plain sailing, always experience some small wind and waves. in the face of these small wind and waves, some people retreated, so mediocre life, or even began to complain about the people; of course, there are people who stand out in the same environment and become strongmen or celebrities. in fact, all this, lies in that poor reading. and the so-called one-minded difference, in fact, is an attitude. 


Face life, face work, face attitude towards life. on reflection, "automatic spontaneity" is a positive and healthy attitude to life that can help you smooth out all setbacks.

People who work harder when their boss isn't around will get more rewards. if you perform well only when others pay attention, you will never reach the pinnacle of success. the most stringent performance standards should be set by themselves, not by others. if you expect more from yourself than your boss expects of you, you don't have to worry about losing your job. similarly, if you can meet the highest standards you have set, promotion will be within reach.

The most fundamental difference between those who do great things and those who have done so and who have done so is that the successful know how to take responsibility for their actions. no one can make you successful, and no one can prevent you from achieving your goals.

Pay attention to details

Should do a good job as an obligatory responsibility, not a burden, to take seriously, pay attention to detail, not half sloppy and false; the significance of doing work is to do things right, not to do 50 percent, 60 percent of the low standards of work, or even in the end completely out of shape and face, should be high, everyone agrees and satisfied with the standard to ask themselves.

The people who don't see the details, or don't take them seriously, lack a serious attitude to their work, and can only be perfunctory about things. such people can not regard work as a pleasure, but only as a kind of hard labor, and therefore lack of enthusiasm for work. they can only do the work that others assign to them forever, and even then they can't do things well. and people who take details into account and pay attention to details not only take their work seriously, do small things finely, but also focus on finding opportunities in the details of what they do, so that they can embark on the road to success.

Integrity, dare to be responsible

integrity is the criterion of standing in the world, the embodiment of personality, is one of the moral standards to measure the merits of personal character. as Confucius said, "words must believe, deeds must be fruit", that is, "people believe in nothing." only in good faith, a person will go in order to fulfill their promises and actively willing to do; a person or organization that truly values integrity, when performance is not possible, will be generous to be responsible for its own breach of trust, timely take the necessary measures to make up for their breach of trust caused by the loss of the subject.

Good at analysis and judgment, strong resilience

In the information society and the nano-age, the importance of analytical judgment and rapid response is self-evident. far from saying, in the securities market, mouse early hit and late hit a tenth of a second, whether or not to deal or deal price is very different. the reason why the camera is designed to shutter a thousandth of a second and a thousandth of a second is that, in case of difference, it is already very different in nature.


Opportunities are for those who are prepared, and rapid resilience often does not manifest itself as a momentary inspiration, but until the long-sought moment appears in an instant. for possible changes in the objective environment and market conditions, we must make advance predictions and have plans (both written and unwritten) to deal with changes. 


Many people know how to do this preparatory work, for the development of the cause designed a lot of "possibilities", but because of the limitations of the individual and the environment, the "impossible" factor is ignored, but when all the "possible" become "impossible", the original thought that "impossible" is the only "possibility", a loss of the situation is such a thing. it can be said that good analysis, rapid response is in the increasingly accumulated competition, increasingly rapid change in today's effective implementation of the necessary conditions.


Be willing to learn, pursue new knowledge and be creative


A philosopher once said, "the illiterate of the future is not the illiterate, but the one who has not learned how to learn." "learning ability, thinking ability and innovation ability are the three major abilities that constitute the modern talent system, among which good at learning is the most basic and important first ability. without the ability to learn, other abilities are impossible to exist, so it is difficult to implement specific.

The work of investment

Enthusiasm for full commitment is not only an essential element of a manager's success, but also an element of everyone's success. without enthusiasm for the work, he can not devote himself to the work, can not adhere to the end, the success is less a dedication; with enthusiasm for the work, in the implementation will not be a big gain or loss, will not be stingy to pay and dedication, will not lack of creativity.


Toughness refers to frustration endurance, stress tolerance, self-control and willpower; be able to overcome external and own difficulties and insist on completing tasks under difficult and unfavorable circumstances; stick to your goals and your point of view under great pressure.

Resilience is first and foremost manifested in a strong will, a commitment to the goal. "don't be happy with things, don't be sad with yourself", recognize the matter, no matter how much difficulty encountered, still do everything possible to complete. mcdonald's founder ray cloke's favorite maxim is: "go your way, nothing in the world can replace perseverance;" talent can not replace, those who have talent but nothing, we see much more; talent can not replace, born intelligent and nothing almost become a joke; education is no substitute, and educated tramps abound in this world. only perseverance, firm confidence, in order to win. 


Describing his ideal employee, one manager said: "the people we need are those who are determined, who work hard and who are motivated. 


I have found that the most capable are the most capable people who are talented and uneducated, who have a dedicated attitude and a work spirit that is always enterprising. people who go all out have about 90% chance of success, and the remaining 10% rely on talent. "this statement represents the employment criteria of most managers; in addition to loyalty, toughness should be added. resilient ability to withstand setbacks, determination is valuable, but sometimes due to lack of strength, limited capacity and hindered, and only with the help of resilience, can drive straight into, no one can be invincible.


Team spirit

Team spirit is not only the requirement of employees, but also the requirement of managers, teamwork plays an important role in the ultimate success of managers.

For managers, success in the true sense of the word is necessarily the success of the team. leaving the team, even with personal success, is often tasteful and bitter, and has long been harmful to the company. therefore, the executive power of managers is by no means personal courage to go forward, alone in depth, but to lead subordinates to move forward together.

The desire to win is strong

Desire is the source of all action, is a necessary condition for life, but also to support life's motivation. without desire, nothing can be adhered to and succeeded, and his life will become empty and bland, the charm of inhumanity. of course, people's desires are of all kinds, including extreme, inferior stupid desires, which are harmful to life, should be suppressed and restrained. the best way to be stupid is to devote your career to the pursuit of positive and beneficial desires. 


The stronger this desire, the higher the mood and the firmer the will. strong desire can make people's ability to play to the extreme, for the success of the cause to give everything.

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