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The basic competence and quality requirements of the project manager

The Project Manager is the person responsible for the successful planning and execution of the project. The project manager is the leader of the project team, and the project manager's primary responsibility is to lead the project team to complete all the project work on time and within budget and to satisfy the customer. To do this, the project manager must lead a series of project planning, organization, and control activities to achieve the project objectives.

from the professional point of view, it refers to the establishment of the project manager responsibility system as the core, the implementation of the project quality, safety, progress, cost management responsibility assurance system and improve the overall level of project management set up an important management position.

competence requirements

1, appeal

that is, the ability to motivate subordinates to work. people are people in society, everyone has their own personality, and in general, the members of the project department from the various departments within the enterprise after the combination, so each quality, ability and ideological realm are more or less different. everyone from the unit to the project department to work also have different purposes, some people for money, some people to learn some skills and skills, and some people to mix up. so everyone's motivation for work will be different, and if the person for the money doesn't get the salary he expects, he will get bored; the person who learns the skill and skill will be bored if he thinks the project doesn't have the skills and skills he wants to learn or thinks the job is not right; and the man who does the day is to do a day monk hit the clock - and get over it. therefore, the project manager should have sufficient appeal to motivate the various members.

2, communication skills

that is, the ability to listen, advise, and understand the actions of others effectively. strong leadership will certainly restrict the development of enterprises. project managers can communicate with subordinates and superiors on an equal footing only if they have sufficient communication skills, especially for subordinates. because the voice of the masses is from the most grass-roots, the most primitive voice, especially the opposition voice of the masses, a project manager if not the views of subordinate workers to carry out adequate analysis and understanding, then his management is bound to be the power management, but also will cause the dissatisfaction of workers, the consequences will also repeat the history of our country those "loyal to the ear" mistakes.

3, resilience

each project is unique, and each project can be implemented in a variety of situations, so project management is a dynamic management, which requires the project manager must be flexible in order to respond quickly to adverse situations and address them. without the ability to adapt flexibly, it is bound to be helpless, as anxious as ants on a hot pot, which may eventually lead to project progress is blocked, unable to continue the project.

4, personality requirements

the project manager must also be confident, enthusiastic, passionate and energetic.

management skills

management skills require the project manager to look at the project as a whole, recognizing the inter disconnectedness and constraints between the various parts of the project and the relationship between the individual project and the parent organization. only with a clear understanding of the overall environment and the project as a whole can the project manager develop clear goals and sound plans. these include:

1, plan

planning is to achieve the project's stated objectives, the future project implementation process planning, planning activities. as a function of project management, the plan runs through the whole process of the project, and in the whole process of the project, it is refined and concreted with the progress of the project, and at the same time it is constantly modified and adjusted to form a system before and after. for the project manager to manage the whole project in a unified manner, he must work out a realistic plan or have a plan for the whole project in mind before the work can proceed in an orderly manner. this means that the project manager must have the ability to consider the construction project and plan it in a unified way.

2, organization

the organizational capacity that the project manager must have here refers to the ability of all participants to form a human mix through division of labour and collaboration and the establishment of different levels of authority and responsibility systems in order to achieve the objectives of the entire construction project. when a project is successful (sometimes at tender time), the project manager who is (or intends to be) the project leader must make full use of his organizational skills to unify the project, such as setting organizational goals, determining the content of the project work, organizational structure design, staffing positions and personnel, developing job responsibility standards and workflows and information processes, and developing assessment criteria. 


In the course of project implementation, the project manager must make full use of his organizational ability to unify all aspects of the project, that is, to deal with the various relationships between people, people and things, people and things that occur in the implementation process, so that the project is carried out according to the established plan.

3, target positioning

The project manager must have the ability to target the criteria that the project must meet in order to achieve the expected results. there are many goals, but at the heart of them are quality goals, duration goals, and investment goals. project manager only the three objectives of accurate positioning, reasonable in order to make the whole project management has a general direction, the project work can also be carried out towards these three goals. to set accurate and reasonable goals (total goals and sub-goals), you must be familiar with the overall objectives of the project proposed by the contract and the relevant information that reflects the characteristics of the project.

4, the overall awareness of the project

the project is a complex whole, it may contain a number of sub-projects, divisional projects, unit projects, if the whole project does not have a holistic awareness, will inevitably be lost.

5, authorization capacity

That is, to enable project members to participate in decision-making, rather than the traditional leadership concept and leadership system, any decision must be fully discussed by the relevant personnel, and after full demonstration before making a decision, which can not only be done "to serve people with virtue", but also because of the gathering of the wisdom of many people, the decision will be more popular, more persuasive, but also more scientific and comprehensive.


nine basic influences on project managers:

(1) authority - the legitimate right to issue orders lawfully.
(2) assigning tasks - the ability to be perceived and influence an individual's later work tasks.
(3) budget - the project manager's ability to be perceived and empower others to use the funds freely.
(4) promotion - the project manager's ability to be perceived and improve the position of the employee.
(5) compensation - the project manager's perceived ability to increase the employee's salary.
(6) punishment - the project manager's power to perceive, impose, or lead to punishment.
(7) job challenges - take advantage of the intrinsic incentives that employees love for a particular job.
(8) professional and technical - special knowledge owned by the project manager that other employees consider important.
(9) friendship - a friendly relationship between the project manager and others.

Basic quality

The project manager plays an important role in the construction of the project. the basic qualities a successful project manager needs are the leader's talent, the skill of the communicator, and the passion of the promoter.

  1. The project manager should have a comprehensive understanding of the majors involved in the undertaking project.
  2. Project manager should have some financial knowledge.
  3. The project manager should have some legal knowledge (civil law).
  4. The project manager should have the confidence to complete the project construction according to the contract, and do what he says and does in practice.
  5. The signing of the contract tries to avoid emotional factors.

Production command

The project manager has the right to direct and dispatch according to the provisions of the project contract, according to the changes of people, finance, materials and other resources that appear at any time, and to optimize and adjust the construction organization design and network plan under the premise of ensuring that the overall objectives remain unchanged, so as to ensure that the project manager can cope with the temporary changes on the construction site.

Personnel authority

The selection, appraisal, appointment and dismissal of the members of the project team, the appointment, reward and punishment, deployment, command and dismissal of the team members, the selection and dismissal of the labor force within the scope of relevant policies and regulations are the power of the project manager.

Financial power

The project manager must have the financial decision-making power within the scope of the contract, and to the extent permitted by the financial system, the project manager shall have the right to arrange the expenditure of the contract fee, and shall have the right to determine the method, distribution method, distribution principle and scheme within the scope of the project team, and to implement piece-rate wages, fixed wages, post wages and the determination of bonus distribution within the scope of the salary fund. there is control over the cost of risk contingency, the cost of rush measures, etc.

Technical decision-making power


It is primarily the review and approval of major technical measures and programmes to prevent significant losses from decision-making errors. if necessary, convene technical proposal demonstration meetings or consult experts outside to prevent decision-making mistakes.

Procurement and control of equipment, materials and materials

Within the scope of the relevant provisions of the company, to determine the model, quantity, and entry time of machinery and equipment, the entry of engineering materials, swing tools, large and medium-sized tools shall be authorized to be used in this project after inspection according to quality standards, and may also purchase sporadic materials on their own. however, the procurement of major materials should not be granted to the project manager, otherwise it may affect the company's effectiveness, but the materials supplied by the materials department must be on time, on a quality, on a quantity, or the project manager has the right to reject or take other measures.


  1. We will implement the relevant laws, regulations, policies and standards of the state and administrative departments, and implement the various management systems of the company.
  2. Authorized to form the project department, determine the organization of the project department, choose to hire managers, determine the responsibilities of managers according to the requirements of the quality/environment/occupational health and safety management system, and conduct regular assessment, evaluation and reward and punishment.
  3. Responsible for implementing the company's quality/environmental/occupational health and safety policy and overall objectives within this project, and for the development of project quality/environmental/occupational health and safety objectives.
  4. Responsible for the implementation of the construction project the whole process, comprehensive management, organization and development of the project department of the various management systems.
  5. Strict performance of the contract signed with the construction unit and the company signed the "project management objectives of responsibility" and phased goal control to ensure the realization of project objectives.
  6. Responsible for organizing the preparation of project quality plan, project management implementation plan or construction organization design, organizing the handling of engineering design changes, general budget adjustments, claims and other related basic work, with the company to do a good job of inspection and pricing.
  7. Responsible for the construction project of manpower, materials, machinery and equipment, capital, technology, information and other factors of production to optimize the configuration and dynamic management, and actively promote and apply new technologies, new processes, new materials.
  8. Strict financial system, the establishment of cost control system, strengthen cost management, do a good job of economic analysis and accounting.
  9. Actively carry out market research, actively collect engineering construction information, participate in project tracking, public relations, regional market development and the project follow-up project rolling development work.
  10. Strengthen the construction of on-site civilization, timely detection and proper handling of sudden events.
  11. Do a good job in the project department's ideological and political work.
  12. To assist the company to complete the inspection, appraisal and evaluation of the project declaration work.
  13. Responsible for coordinating the handling of internal and external matters in the project department.
  14. Complete other tasks tasked by the leader.


The general contracting enterprise shall appoint the project manager as soon as the general contract for the project becomes effective. Establishment of the project department and its work should include the following:

  1. Determine the form of organization and set up the project department according to the prescribed procedures of the general contracting enterprise.
  2. Determine the scope and tasks of the project department in accordance with the general contract of the project and the relevant management regulations of the enterprise.
  3. Determine the functions and positions of the project department.
  4. Determine the composition, responsibilities, and authority of the project department.
  5. The project manager and the enterprise signed a "project management objective responsibility letter" and the goal decomposition.


The organize the preparation of the project department rules and regulations, the target responsibility system and the assessment, reward and punishment system.

  • The organization form of the project department shall be determined according to the size, composition, professional characteristics and complexity, personnel status and geographical conditions of the general contracting project.
  • Staffing and rules and regulations of the project department shall meet the needs of the project management of the general contracting project.
  • If the rules and regulations formulated by the project department themselves are inconsistent with the relevant provisions of the general contracting enterprise, they shall be submitted to the enterprise or authorized functional department for approval.
  • The project manager shall inspect, evaluate and reward and punish the completion of the responsibility target of the project department personnel in accordance with the post responsibility system of the project department personnel.


Technical skills are those that understand and are proficient in a specific activity, especially one that involves methods, processes, procedures, or techniques. a good project manager should have the relevant technical experience or knowledge required by the project. technical skills include expertise and analytical capabilities in the use of management tools and techniques in specific situations. these include:

Use of project management tools and skills of special knowledge

Project management is a new management science, is a combination of modern engineering technology, management theory and project construction practice, it has become more and more mature after decades of development and improvement, and with obvious economic benefits in the developed industrial countries have been widely used. practice has proved that the implementation of project management in the field of economic construction, especially in construction projects, is of great significance for improving the quality of the project, shortening the duration and saving costs. 


Each project management has its own specific management procedures and management steps, modern construction projects are mostly integrated projects, project managers must master modern management methods and technical means of comprehensive use, such as decision-making technology, network planning technology, system engineering, value engineering, goal management and kanban management, in the construction management process to implement dynamic control, in order to make the project successfully completed, and ultimately achieve the established project objectives.


Related professional knowledge


Such as industrial and civil construction expertise, road and bridge expertise, water conservancy, electricity, ports and other aspects of professional knowledge, as well as such as construction economy, technical economy, budget and other aspects of economic knowledge and economic law, contract law and other aspects of legal knowledge. only after mastering some expertise in these areas, in the implementation of the project, encounter related professional-related events can be handy, in dealing with economic issues can be invincible.

Computer application capabilities

The rapid development of computer technology has played an important role in china's economic construction, in some high-tech fields, computer has become an indispensable condition for office. the same is true in the field of construction, the era of handwritten documents is about to become history, not only because computers can improve work efficiency, but also in accordance with the relevant requirements, all kinds of correspondence documents, materials, etc. must be completed by computers. therefore, as a construction project project manager must master a certain degree of computer application capabilities, such as architectural drawing, word processing, database, etc., in order to adapt to the times.

Related project knowledge

The project manager should also have a knowledge of the project and understand the methods, processes and procedures of the project, and only with this more comprehensive knowledge can he be flexible in applying various management techniques in the project management process.


Healthy body and rich practical experience

The project manager must also have a healthy body and extensive practical experience. project managers should be in good health due to the heavy workload of the project, especially those that are risky or not going well. at the same time, the project manager is the commander in person, to deal with the project operation of various problems, so should have a wealth of practical experience in the project, in order to quickly deal with the various problems on the construction site.

In short, a good project manager not only to be confident, progressive, energetic and good at communication, but also have a wide range of management skills and professional expertise and skills, can only be fully developed, in order to successfully achieve the project's various established goals.

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