Thursday 16 December 2021

Require knowledge of the project manager's position



At the beginning of the project, the project manager post morale, but as the first time to assume this responsibility, inevitably a little false heart, had to use some theory to disguise their legal status. the following text is selected from an article by the project manager on the project management position:

The projects organized by the world bank and, pre-qualifications are required to require the contractor to submit not only performance and financial documentation, but also information on the project manager positions that will be undertaken for the implementation of the project. in other words, the owner will evaluate the contractor's ability to undertake the project from the above three aspects. this shows how much international attention is paid to the human (project manager) factor.

In fact, the project manager position is indeed one of the most critical factors in the success of the project. first of all, he is the central meeting point of various needs of the project, the owner's demand for the project construction, the pursuit of profits of engineering companies, social and sub-contractor needs should be realized through the operation of the project manager position. secondly, he is the embodiment of the face of project construction, the country's relevant engineering construction laws and regulations, engineering companies all kinds of rules and regulations, should be achieved through project management.

Of course, the success of the project depends on the overall level of the engineering company and the overall quality of the project team members, the project manager can not be separated from the company's objective environment and conditions to create unexpected miracles.

However, it is possible and should make full use of available resources through its excellent work to mobilize all parties to best fulfill the contractual tasks of the project. the work of the project manager position plays a key role in the success and effectiveness of the project, as shown in the following five areas:

The person in charge of contract performance: 


The project contract is a legally binding contract document that stipulates the responsibility, power and benefit of both parties, and is the main basis for dealing with the relationship between the two parties, and is also the criterion for regulating the behavior of both parties under the conditions of market economy. the project manager is the sole agent of the engineering company in the contract project, and is mainly responsible for the execution of the contract on behalf of the engineering company for all major matters in the execution contract, including the implementation of the contract, the adjustment of changes, the penalty for breach of contract, etc.

Project plan development and implementation supervisor: 


In order to do a good job of project work, to achieve the intended goals, the project manager position needs to be prepared in advance and in line with the actual situation of the plan, including the objectives, principles, procedures and methods of the work. make all members of the project team work in a coordinated manner around common goals, implement uniform principles, follow standardized procedures, and follow scientific methods to achieve the best results.

The project organization commander: 


General contracting project management involves a large number of departments, professionals, personnel and links, is a huge system engineering. in order to improve the efficiency of project management and save the management costs of the project, we should carry out good organization and division of labor. the project manager position should determine the organizational principles and form of the project, put forward clear goals and requirements for the project team personnel, and give full play to the role of each member.

The link of project coordination work: 


The success of project construction not only depends on the work of engineering companies, but also needs the cooperation of owners, subcontractors and local government, social guidance and support. the project manager should take full account of the reasonable and potential benefits of all parties and establish a good relationship. the project manager is the bridge and link to coordinate the relationship between the various aspects so that they can work closely with each other.

Project control center: 

The project duration, project quality and project cost control is an important factor in the project investment benefits, but also the main indicators of project contract evaluation. the project manager position should use advanced project management technology to control the progress, quality and cost of the project. it is the center of project control to formulate the benchmark of performance measurement, carry out progress analysis, take measures to correct deviation, and ensure the normal operation of the project.

In short, the project manager is the legal representative of the engineering company in the project solely entrusted agent. to contact the owner and subcontractor on behalf of the engineering company to deal with all material matters related to the contract; fully responsible for organizing the implementation of the project, is the direct leader and organizer of the project. the role of the project manager in the project is undoubtedly very important.

The course of project implementation, the project manager's position is very anxious, deeply concerned, after just finished the internal organization of the project, and then with the management of the company headquarters management concept conflict. the following text is selected from the minutes of the discussion with headquarters personnel:

The project manager position of the work first of all to grasp the organization of construction, the purpose is to make the project management objectives responsible to the people. in the project, in order to play the role of outline, the same should be divided into decision-making level, management, executive level three levels of management to work. 


Decision-making level is the project manager and the project deputy manager; management is mainly the control department and the security department, the control department is grasping the progress / cost management, the security department is grasping the quality, safety management, is the project manager's left arm; executive layer is the design, procurement, construction, driving, finance, administration of the business units. 


As project managers, we only take the work of 8 department managers plus project secretaries to drive project work through their management. at present, there are more than 200 American personnel entering the project, at the peak of the project will reach more than 500 people, not through an effective project organization to manage the project, it is unthinkable. through these 7 months of organizational construction, the project's organizational structure has been established and gradually improved, and the practice has proved to be effective, the project's work is carried out in an orderly manner.

We can also check each person's performance, reflecting whether the person's work is in place, or competent, can give everyone an objective and notarized evaluation. however, the deficiency point is that the project manager position lacks material means to assess and reward personnel, for the mobilization of personnel's enthusiasm can not be said to be a lack.

In addition, i would like to say that the management of dap projects at the company headquarters, according to the principle of project manager position responsibility system, only one person can be, but please pay special attention to, i am not a complete natural person, but on behalf of a project organization, on behalf of a team of several hundred people, so that the headquarters comrades in the assignment to me may consider a more comprehensive, more thoughtful. communication, communication is two-way, we all think about this project, what kind of things can be solved.

The project manager position is another important job is to establish rules and regulations, the purpose is to make all participants in the project clear what to do. according to the management needs of the project has published 63 working procedures documents, these procedural documents, that is, the project's rules and regulations, and has been reported to the company for the record, the future project prepared new procedural documents or upgraded documents will be submitted to the company after completion, i hope that the headquarters comrades have time to read.

For the program, the project manager position to grasp 3 things: 


First of all, the construction of procedures, that is, the organization of the preparation of procedures; second, grasp the implementation, the procedure is not put to show people, is the basis of everyone's work or is the standard, we all do according to the same rules, in order to ensure the effectiveness of the work; finally, in the process of grasping the implementation, testing the effectiveness of the procedure, if found that there is a problem with the program, immediately in accordance with the principle of programming to modify the program. in particular, however, it should be emphasized here that, pending the entry into force of the new procedure, the original procedure is valid and is the basis on which work must be carried out, and that there is no contradiction with the modification or updating of the procedure if necessary, and that the use of the new procedure, which has not been officially published, as a measure of the performance of the work, would create confusion in the work.

These links grasp, the project management position of the ruler is clear, everyone also knows how to test their work, even if the need for project manager position to a person, a job criticism, we can accept.

I summed up this in 2 sentences, (1) who maintains the program, (2) the results are everyone's, the error is the project manager's. the main meaning of the latter sentence is: there is a problem in the project, it is likely that there is a problem with the program, as the project manager did not find the defects of the procedure in advance, should be responsible; if the project is well done, the department that drafted the preparation procedures is carefully considered and properly organized and therefore needs to be given strong praise. 


In this project, there are indeed a lot of comrades usually work not squeaking, but to the end of the work when you check it, floating beautiful bright, can not find a little trouble, with such comrades to work with you what feeling, if i have the right, i will certainly reward such comrades, in the project must not make crying children have milk to eat which set, if so, the project is not disorderly.

Through these months of work, one of my deepest experience is: the project manager position is not a title, but the volleyball game free man, is more than others to work. because others have a clear specific job, and you do not: where there is a vacancy in the project work, you first have to make up, and then study how to do in the future (plus people or modify the work procedures); where there is a problem with the project, put forward, you have to solve, fully support the work of various departments. people ask questions, certainly rely on their own ability to solve, when you say three or four things, will cause others to be disgusted, big deal people will not look for you next time, but the impact is work. 


The rights of project managers are naturally formed by the collection of such working relationships, and the divine authority is an unreal right. it is because of this, not my work, in the project, i will wake up at about 3 a.m. every day, naturally will think: this day i have made what decisions, there are no mistakes, if there are mistakes or imperfections how to correct; unresolved how to solve better, what kind of problems will be the next step, so that the next day at work, i will make new arrangements. 


The gay evaluation in the project i have 2 points: I did not expect you to play the role of project manager can be in place so soon; i didn't expect people from headquarters to be able to put on airs, which i am very pleased with.

At the end of the project, although the project control indicators completed well, but as a project manager there is no slight joy, feel left behind is a thousand regrets, especially in the face of the project members who will break up, can only hope to get understanding, and in the voice of the treasured. the following sections are selected from the project summary report:

To a certain extent, the project manager under the leadership of the company to implement the project manager responsibility system, and the project management itself has complex, sudden, changeable and time-sensitive characteristics, so the project manager undoubtedly plays a very important role in project management.


Although i am qualified for the project manager position, need to be evaluated by the organization, but i would like to take this opportunity, on my first time to organize project management, in the course of 2 years of work gradually formed some of the feelings:

First of all, in the project manager position should pay attention to expand their knowledge structure. everyone's experience and experience will be limited, and the project manager this position just requires to have a comprehensive comprehensive business capacity, so this requires us to strengthen learning according to the needs of the work and their own circumstances, such as professional and technical knowledge, management knowledge, financial knowledge, legal knowledge, etc. 


So that not only to learn from books, but also to use all opportunities to learn from the hearse in the forerunner, only in this way can continue to reach the level of insiders, insiders, not outside, in order to work on the actual problems, can accurately judge and decision-making, to prevent themselves because they are lay people and can not put down the shelf, and with some of the principled opinions that are all over the world to deal with the work matters perfunctory responsibility.

The project manager positions need to have the courage to practice the practical style of work, in the actual work to constantly enrich and improve their own. a qualified project manager position is not only learned by book knowledge, not to blow out, is based on the actual work of the training out. for the problems in the work, as a project manager, first of all, dare to take responsibility, and secondly, to be good at distinguishing the nature of the problem, to find a way to solve the problem. project managers should lead by example and create an equal, consultative and realistic work style in the project. 


At the same time, the project manager position should also pay attention to continuously cultivate and improve the ability to work, such as: decision-making ability, adaptability, organizational leadership ability, interpersonal skills, etc. , and strive to be decisive in the work but not arbitrary, to be steady but not procrastinating.

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