Sunday 5 December 2021

Project risk identification methods

The process of making a project is a process of continuous decision-making and choice, but it is often accompanied by many risks.

Therefore, do it in the right way risk identifications is crucial.

Here are 8 common risk analysis methods.

Brainstorming method

All members of the team take turns presenting ideas and ideas in the form of meetings.


  • The atmosphere of the meeting should be harmonious and warm;
  • Do not comment or respond to other people's statements.


Relevant experts are selected by the project risk group and adopted anonymous correspondence collect expert opinions, organize them and then give them anonymous feedback to them, and seek advice again. so many rounds until the expert opinions come together.


  • provide the experts with the most information possible;
  • the selected experts should be authoritative and representative;
  • keep anonymous and ensure that experts give their opinions independently.
  • 03 scenario analysis

According to the diversity of development trends, through the systematic analysis of related issues inside and outside the system, a variety of possible future prospects are designed, and then the development of the system is described from start to finish using a method similar to writing a screenplay.


  • Identify the factors that influence the subject;
  • Pest can be used in the analysis process analysis with the swot analysis matrix.

Checklist method

The potential risks of this project are associated against existing checklists.

The checklist includes:

  • the reasons for the success or failure of the previous project;
  • project scope, cost, quality, schedule, procurement and contract, human resources and communication;
  • the project product or service specification;
  • project management member skills;
  • available resources for the project, etc.

Flowchart method

Establish a total flowchart of the project and sub-flowchart, analyze the potential risks of each link, and the project travel in the name of the project at any time against the progress of the project.


Work Structure can be used.

Financial statements act

Through analysis balance sheet business statements and financial records, etc., to identify all current property, liability and personal loss risk of the enterprise or project.


you need to learn about finance.

Swot Analysis

Swot analysis is a systematic analysis tool that qualitatively identifies project risks from multiple perspectives by identifying the strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and costs of the project.

Accident tree analysis

Accident trees are often used for system risk analysis in reliability engineering. this method can not only identify the risk factors that lead to the accident, but also calculate the probability of the risk accident.

Method is just a tool, an experienced project manager, better than any tool!

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