Friday 17 December 2021

Project return order template

How to make the project quality return visit form???


Construction project quality return visit form project name project site construction unit design unit supervision unit construction unit start time handover time Return visit time Construction unit self-examination situation comments: Time: Time: Year, month, day construction unit opinion: Time: Time: 

Monthly receiving (conservation) unit opinion: 

Time: Year, month, day Note: The above text comes from the > column of the >. For more relevant text, please go to this column yourself to

How to design a return visit list ah?

Thank you all! : Time and place, contact information, customer comments, machine status, related issues are listed, it is not possible to tell you everything, it is best to have their own special services.

Green conservation return visit list how to give Party A's green conservation return visit record form content should include what? : Time, place, A and B responsible for the two parties, Party A contact information, plant name, plant number, first visit time, comment time of future return visit (space), Party A evaluation: satisfaction, dissatisfaction, general, poor, poor, plant growth status, note maintenance purposes, maintenance methods, maintenance staff signature, Party A signature.

how the customer return form does and its contents 

 customer basic information such as name, address, telephone. 2 customer behavior information, such as the evaluation of maintenance work. 3. Consumer history, such as maintenance records, etc.

How to do customer return visit form?

Most of all on the statistics of customer information Company name Contact information The most important thing is to record the contents of the return visit to facilitate the query, the form itself to do what is the project quality return visit record? Thank you! : Return visit record is the quality and safety issues left over from the previous inspection project return visit inspection.

The way and main content of the project return visit - : return visit mode 1, telephone inquiry, meeting discussion, six months or a year of routine return visit .2, summer key return visit roof and waterproof engineering and air conditioning engineering, wall waterproofing, winter key return visit heating project .3, new materials used in the construction process, new technology, new engineering, new equipment engineering, return visit effect or technical status .4, special

Property company's customer return visit list is what format: customer name, return visit content, return visit, return visit time, return visit content of the region to be large, to have a header, table area division to be reasonable scientific beauty. Also printed with the company's name and LOGO, at the same time paper is good, easy to save. The size of the document should be reasonable, both to be able to write the content of the next visit, but also can not have too much left white.

Telephone call back Fan Wen - : The first thing to pay attention to is the time: generally the best weekday is between 9 a.m. and 11 a.m., 2:30 p.m. to about 4 p.m., usually this time is normal working hours, will be better. The second is the number of visits: the general offer after the next day to visit, if the attitude of the guests is unclear, then two days later, four days later, and then .

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