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Project quality proposal approval

How should the construction quality plan be approved after it is completed? : After the construction unit's project construction quality plan or construction organization design documents are prepared, the approval shall be carried out in accordance with the project construction management procedures, including the approval within the construction enterprise and the examination of the project supervision institution.

  • Approval within the enterprise. Usually by the project manager department presided over the preparation, reported to the enterprise organization management approval.
  • The review of the supervising engineer. The construction contracting unit must fill out the construction organization design (program) review form and attach the construction organization design (program) to the project supervision institution for examination. The specification stipulates that before the project supervision institution starts the project, the director-level engineer shall organize the professional supervision engineer to review the construction organization design (program) submitted by the contracting unit, make comments, and submit the opinions to the construction unit after the director-general engineer's examination and approval.

What is the internal quality audit plan?

Annual Internal Audit Plan 4.2.1 According to the importance of the activities and regions to be audited, and the results of previous audits, the head of the quality department shall determine the scope, frequency and method of the audit, which shall be reviewed by the manager's representative and approved by the general manager. Internal audit at least once a year, requiring coverage of the quality of our factory...

How to prepare the project quality management plan: 1, after determining the project quality objectives and approval, the engineering and technical department manager is responsible for organizing the participation of engineering and technical personnel, according to the requirements of the project quality objectives in two weeks to prepare the "engineering project quality management plan".2, "engineering project quality management plan" to reflect from the design quality, material equipment quality, process quality

Which department prepares the quality plan in iso9001

 In the case of a product control plan: product-related information provided by the quality management department in conjunction with the technical department, the customer representative (business), the management representative (also the company quality manager) finally approves the release. In the case of quality objectives: by the quality management department in accordance with the company's previous year's quality target indicators to achieve the status of the preparation (generally, the target indicators slightly higher than the previous year, to reflect the principle of continuous improvement.

Of course, we should also consider the actual situation of the current year, such as: new projects on the horse, a large number of first-line staff replacement, etc. , and then submitted to the company's management final approval of the issue. According to this target, each department should set sub-goals accordingly to support the achievement of the company's overall goals (under normal circumstances, the sub-goals of each department must be stricter than the company's overall goals). What are the four approvals for the project / - - The four approvals

For a construction project should refer to the feasibility plan, land certificate, plan plan and EIA report Who should prepare the project quality plan - According to the regulations, the quality plan of the construction project shall be prepared by the project manager organization and submitted to the relevant department of the enterprise for approval by the project supervision agency.

The actual project is generally organized by the construction unit project technical person in charge of the organization.

How is the quality plan prepared? 

- : According to PDCA working methods, i.e. plan, implement, inspect, summarize and evaluate

What are the links of the project quality plan: The basis of the project quality plan mainly includes:

1, project quality policy
2, project scope description This includes a description of the project objectives and a description of the scope of the project tasks. It clearly sets out the specific requirements for project work and work on projects that must be undertaken in order to submit project outputs of established features and functions.
3, the description of the project output The description of the project output refers to a comprehensive and detailed description of the project output.
4, relevant standards and regulations Project organizations must also take full account of all national, industry standards, norms and government regulations in all areas related to project quality when formulating project quality plans.
5, other information Other information refers to other project management requirements besides scope description and output description, as well as related information related to project quality planning. Specific advice to consult well - known project management expert.

What are the main contents of the internal quality system audit planning


The management representative is responsible for preparing the Annual  Audit Plan, which includes: the purpose and scope of the audit, the basis of the audit, the audit time and frequency of the audit; b) At the beginning of the establishment of the quality management system, the audit should be appropriately increased...

At what stage of the project quality plan is the project?

Thank you, quality management gods - : Since it is a plan, it must be before the project is implemented. With the implementation of the project, quality management should be carried out!

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