Friday 17 December 2021

Project progress fund schedule

Use funds, 5% for the project warranty fund planning form - : the preparation of the fund plan is a systematic work, need all units to participate: 1, the planning finance department in advance to draw up a capital plan to report to the board of directors.2, the board of directors after review to develop a unified fund plan. The contents of the capital plan 1, capital income (1) sales revenue: the company's sales department according to various sales conditions and collection period ,...

What is the funding schedule for the project category?

Classification Of direct engineering costs, overheads, and profit control ratio, the funds division is in place and is associated with expenditure Construction schedule - : Implementation construction schedule is used to directly organize the construction work plan, the construction of the monthly construction plan and the construction work plan are the implementation of the construction schedule. The preparation of the implementation construction schedule should be combined with the specific conditions of the construction project and based on the progress target of the milestone event determined by the controlled construction schedule.

The main functions of the implementing construction schedule are as follows: (1) to determine the specific arrangements for the construction work, and (2) to determine (or calculate) the labor demand of one month or more (jobs and corresponding quantities) ;(3) to determine (or calculate) one month The requirements for construction machinery (name and quantity) ;(4) determine (or calculate) the need for one month or one month of building materials (including finished products, semi-finished products and auxiliary materials, etc.) ;(5) ( Or this can be calculated) one month or more of the demand for funds, etc.

How do I make a funding schedule?

Analysis of the previous year's capital plan and actual capital flow, analysis of the reasons for the difference; Understand the main issues of the next phase of the company, in particular the expected likely capital inflows, forecast the outflow of funds, the difference between inflows, if insufficient funds, early loan plans, etc.

How do I plan for the use of funds based on my schedule?

The investment of construction project is always paid with the progress of construction project in stages and in stages, and in the construction stage is paid for with the progress and completion of various projects, so the preparation of the construction phase fund use plan can not be separated from the construction schedule, must be based on the construction schedule to prepare the use plan of funds. At present, contractors in the preparation of construction schedule generally use network planning technology, network map to represent the construction schedule, so the preparation of time-based use of funds plan, can also be carried out using network map. The specific steps are as follows: (1) analysis of the network diagram, calculation of each time parameters; (2) converting the network map into a crosswalk diagram; (3) to break down the cost of each unit's project and prepare the plan for the use of funds according to the division of the sub-projects; (4) Calculate and summarize the amount of investment in each unit time period, prepare the capital use plan according to the time division, and draw the cumulative curve of time --- investment (S-curve).

What is the content of the project schedule? 


Research to determine the starting point and end point of the schedule: the project schedule includes the pre-preparation stage and implementation phase. 2. Research determines the project construction duration: The construction period is the main part of the project schedule, including the proposed project permanent project start date to the project fully completed and put into operation or delivery of all the time required for use. 3, the preparation of project schedule: large-scale projects according to the total duration, the preparation of the main project and the main auxiliary project construction start and end time schedule.

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